Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th Post

I realized that on my 'dashboard' it says I've written 99 posts.  However, some of them have gone unpublished.  Sometime I just write to vent and know that the world does not need to read my whining :)  So, I just leave them there.  I don't have the heart to delete them b/c one day I will look back and want to know that those not to perfect moments exist in my world too.

I think the cloudy weather in Chicago got to me (already- yikes!).  I couldn't get out of this funk I was in.  I am uncomfortable, it's freezing cold, the sky is the same color as the ground, and I can only do so much in a house that's not mine :)  I've done some cooking, cleaning, and preparing for the baby.  I really should stop 'getting out of the house' just to head to Target, which is less than 5 minutes away (dangerous!).  Literally, it takes FIVE whole minutes to get into my car, back out of the driveway, drive to Target, park, and walk into the store.  I know that life will be much different come the arrival of our little one and I really can't be more excited.  Something to keep my life spiced.

I still feel unprepared.  Honestly, all I want to do is eat.  Especially CHOCOLATE.  It's terrible.  I got a Betty Crocker email about Valentine's Day treats and just might have to fix my cabin fever with a little baking.  All because I cannot get this cake out of my mind :)  Double yum!  I am eating things I would have never thought twice about before getting pregnant.  It's not healthy for me.  We need calories and to gain weight, therefore, I eat whatever I want, but I can't wait till I'm writing about how much going back to the zone sucks!  I laugh and smile at that thought now...but man, I'm gonna be cranky!

I think Monday I am going to start my gym routine back up.  I think it will be easier for me to transition into a new gym when I have a true reason why I'm not my normal CrossFitting self. The belly has me pretty immobile.  Sitting down to put on my lotion, socks, and shoes.  Making rolling over at night, getting out of bed/off the couch, and bending over more difficult.  I have a CrossFit I've been to a handful of times before and love, therefore, I'm excited.  Even though I will be doing a very minimal workout since I need to pack on the calories, not burn them, I think the gym atmosphere will help my mental stability.  As well as give me routine and something to look forward to.  Fun!

We have no plans for Valentine's Day.  My hubby dislikes the holiday and thinks it's stupid to celebrate your love once a year.  (Which is nice, the more I think about it, I guess.)  As a matter of fact, he left me last year on this day to go skiing with friends from work.  I don't believe we even exchanged cards.  Funny.  He is actually off for the day this year and will be spending the day with me...and in all honesty, I think that's all I want.  Give us roughly 4 weeks and it won't just be the two of us anymore!  Maybe we'll sleep in, take G to the dog park, and make heart shaped pizzas with the Two Bulls.  I will buy him a card this year and maybe something on being a dad since that's pretty much all that's on our minds these days.

Yesterday, I went to Gymboree and IF I knew I was having a girl, would have been in BIG trouble.  They have boxes and boxes and boxes of past clothes lines on clearance.  I'm talking $3, $4, and $7 outfits that were once $20-$30.  I bought three...only three.  And if we don't have a girl, Ophelia (my friend's baby girl coming via c-section March 22nd!!!), will get them all.  But my goodness!  There were ladies spending $300-$400 in line in front of me.  Insane!  I felt guilty for my $30 purchase.  But what's great is that the Gymboree is football throwing distance from my delivery room.  Perfect for a 'on our way home' stop for some gender specific items :)  I also found Cater's (not an outlet) in the opposite direction as Gymboree, but still just minutes away from the delivery room also with huge sales.  And I hit up Ulta to simply smell a shampoo my new hair stylist can get me for dirt cheap.  Well, of course, I found my Paul Mitchell shampoo in a package AND my very favorite body wash (as of right now) both on sale as well.  Another $30 down the drain!  But it's great how good hair care and bath products make life so much better.  I am excited to shower today!

For this being my 100th post, it's rather boring.  Lots of pics.  But maybe I will spice it up come time for hubby to get home and take pics of us :)

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  1. Holy crap that cake looks amazing!!!!! I will probably be baking sugar cookies tonight (shaped like a baby bottle)!!! I'm so excited for tomorrow. And then just a few more weeks for Baby B!!!!!