Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post w/Pics- Finally!

My last few posts seem boring.  No pictures maybe?  Well, I'm out to change that.  Surly it won't be hard come Baby B's arrival, but until we get there I'm going to get creative :)
{Life is tough when you're a G}

{How fitting is this sign? It needs to be hung in my home.}

{Found in the Target dollar  Love this holiday, but this hat may not be for me. Oi! Not digging the chubby prego face...}

{My new obcession- blood red oranges...OMG yummy!}

{Baking is how I nest- and what's funny is that I don't even want to eat them.  Just makin 'em for others.  Which is good...maybe my body is telling me I've had too much junk!}

Hubby came home for the night yesterday and got some overtime scheduled for today- double yay!  Apparently, there are several open lines for overtime for the month of March and I'm cramping his style.  Yes, me...not that he's known for 37 weeks and 5 days (264 days to be exact) that our child will be born in the month of March.  And don't mind the fact that he took part in this whole baby growing in my belly.  Ha ha!  Just giving him a hard time.  I guess the baby could have come in February BUT at the rate I believe we are trucking with no known cervical progress and no contractions, looks like it is March.  I am excited...I wanted a March baby back when we were first talking about having a post wedding baby.  Anyways...we got out of the house last night and watch the UFC fight.  Double bummer on our behalf and Bisping won and Penn lost.  Boo, blah, vom.  I won't get started on Bisping...waste of a man.  The End.  What's even cooler is that this prego stayed up, yawning minimally until 11:30-12.  Baby B was going NUTS.  Kicking, squirming, rolling, punching, and hiccuping.  It was rather uncomfortable to sit and watch those hooligans.  However, it was SO SO SO nice hanging out with hubs.  

Now it's time for the Oscar's.  We've had them paused and unpaused, but now it's time to see who wins the awards.  Lots of pretty ladies and dresses.  Oooo la la.  I'll leave you with a cartoon.

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  1. The pic of you in Target made me laugh. Did you happen to notice the pic I posted from Target 2 days ago? If not, check it out. Seems like we were doing the same thing! :)