Tuesday, February 8, 2011

32, 33, 34...THIRTY-FIVE!!

 As I type this on my laptop, the baby is kicking the computer and it's literally jumping.  Funny how that happens.  Mike has been 'home' since Sunday evening and it has been SO nice.  I love my time with him.  I love being here b/c we get that time together :)  Happy Heather!

My 35 week update via email is letting me know the baby's head is resting right on my bladder.  Makes sense.  I pee pretty much everywhere we go...and sometimes more than once.  It's getting old.  3 weeks till March 1st...and tomorrow is our new doc appt!  Baby B is plumping up these next couple of weeks.  Apparently, he/she is at 15% body fat right now, but will hopefully reach 30% by birth (guess it depends on when the little bean decides to make its grand appearance).  We are feeling good.  No matter if I wear my belly band or if I rest most of the day- my belly hurts by dinner time.  It never fails.  I literally feel like someone is stretching my skin nonstop until I fall asleep.  And it's royally uncomfortable.  It hurts when I turn from side to side when sleeping.  So, that's been rough.  My belly may not be huge to those around me, but it sure feels gigantic to me :)  All I crave these days is dessert...and salt.  Always salt though..french fries (again- always).  I'm anxious to get back into the gym.  To get a new schedule and routine, to find a new job, and, of course, meet our little one considering I don't even know what 'it' is!!
{Baby B's wardrobe before it was washed...lots of yellows and greens! We are excited for the pinks and blues to come when it's time.  I've realized we may have a lot of shopping to do once he/she arrives!}

 It's awesome here...really.  We were driving around yesterday running errands and a couple times we got out and it was snowing.  It's been forever since I've seen snow falling that many times.  We drove down the bumpiest road ever (worse than the bumpity bridge in Rolla)...guess it's like that b/c of the weather.  My belly hurt and I had to pee...pretty sure Baby B thought I was trying to get him/her to come out.  It was so funny.  We were laughing so hard.  Yes, the snow in the yard is knee deep and it's tough for Gracie to find a good spot to pee.  BUT in the parking lots and on the shoulders of the roads the snow that the plows have removed from the majority of the high travel areas is built up huge.  Exhibit A:
{The huge pile of snow and, of course, hubs had to climb to the top}
{It's safe to say our G is happy here...she frequently sits and hangs out in the freezing cold}
{Huge icicles anyone?}


  1. you look great heath... really amazing. Sorry you're uncomfortable though... not too much longer!! I think im just as anxious as you are to find out what "it" is!! Have you guys decided on any names??? Im just so happy for you and that you get to enjoy these last weeks at home with your hubby!!

  2. You won't need to buy much...once Baby B makes his/her debut, I think you'll have clothes coming out of your ears!!!! I for one have already found several girlie outfits I would love to go back & purchase for you. :)

    Gracie looks SO at home. Love that she is loving the cold. Isn't it nice to be "home"?