Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Doc

Today was another cold one in Chicago :)  It was roughly one degree when I woke up.  Kim was taking out the trash and the kids were getting bundled up for school.  Interesting fact- when you live in this climate you wear snow boots to school and bring your 'street shoes' in your backpack if you choose.  I can't help but think of my littlest sister, Hannah, all bundled up for playing in the snow in Wichita, KS. The poor thing could hardly move...and she stumbled instead of walked :)  That's kind of how the kids around here go to school.  Recess is outdoors I presume.  So, when baby B grows up and reaches the school ages he/she will need all the proper gear.  And...mommy does too!  Although, I am trying to tough it out until the end of cold season so I can purchase my gear on sale.  I will let you know how that goes.  Ha!  

Then my lovely, wonderful, perfect four legged daughter decided to eat a sock.  Yup.  What's new?  Another blooming sock.  You'd think she'd learn, but nope.  Then I had to deal with, fun, fun. I took Kim's advice and gave her some Hydrogen Peroxide...that was interesting.  She looked as if I gave her poison, but threw up three times including the sock!  

It was hilarious watching Gracie's reaction after getting sick (mean mommy).  She spent her hours sulking on the couch in the front room.  Poor, poor dog...ha ha ha...NOT.  Maybe now she will learn to not eat socks- ya think?  I wouldn't put my money on it.  

Off to the doc I went.  We are still measuring small.  31 inches and I should be 35 ish.  Baby's heartbeat was in the 150s.  I believe I was up a pound in weight from my appointment 2 weeks ago.  Promise, this green light for eating has been glorious, but I still can't seem to gain anything.  But I like the doctor, whew!  Their office is actually at the hospital, which is nice.  Most importantly we are healthy.  Appointments are every week from here on out.  All good news.  I will begin packing my hospital bag this week.  I got my going home outfit and a pair of jammies.  Other than that, we've got a few little things to do...put the car seat in the car for one.  So...we're just waiting :)

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