Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Am I? 38 weeks?!?!?!

Ha ha ha.  That's how I feel.  I didn't post on Tuesday or Wednesday b/c I feel repetitive.  I still feel the same and no the baby hasn't come yet.  I hate that I am being such a 'Debbie Downer' but Baby B, if you only knew how badly mommy wants to meet you.  Then maybe you'd make your appearance sooner than later?  Humpf.

And everyone and their brother comments about how small I am...still.  So, really nothing has changed.  I know that the bun staying in the oven isn't burning.  I know it's their kitchen timer dinging when they're ready.  It's just hard to be patient.  These last few weeks are important to my little one.  He/She will make the debut when they are ready.  I just need to keep telling my heart that : )

Baby's lungs are still maturing, creating more and more surfactant that helps the lungs not stick together.  This ultimately makes that first cry more clear, quickly.  The white cheese-like vernix and lanugo are still being shed from the baby's skin.  All the gunk the baby is swallowing is preparing to become it's first poo that Daddy will most likely be changing.  I hear it's pretty nasty...hope we get some pics!!  As the article I read says, "All systems are almost a go!"

I haven't gained weight the past couple of appointments, which happens.  My belly is still growing, checking in at 37 cm this week.  Mike will be able to attend my appointment next week- double yay for me as I frequently feel like a single mom in the docs office.  My appts in AZ were always on Tuesdays or Mondays, but with the move I got off and now my weekly appts are Wed or Thurs.  It seems to be a reoccurring trend that Mike works later in the week and has Sun-Tues off.  Convenient.

Baby B knows not to come until Daddy has his next set of off days.  Keeping our fingers crossed that the pep talk worked!
{Whoa belly!}

{Doesn't look the same, huh? It is.}

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