Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Month in Chi Town

How strange is it that I've been out of Arizona for one month and two days today.  Doesn't seem real.  Things I miss:
*  My friends/family...that's a no brainer!
*  My babies...speaking of, I have called them facetime on my iPhone.  Love it by the way.  Can't wait to talk to my family via facetime come baby B's arrival!  All the kids were in their element...Troy crying in the pantry (his favorite door to open and close 9 million times), Hunter giving the phone nonstop kisses and smiling his big, cheesy grin (showing his Nan his sweet side), Colleen and Caitlin running around the kitchen screaming, "I love you Nanny!"  They are all precious in their own little ways and I miss their day-to-day events.  I feel like I'm missing out on so much, but know that once my bean is here I will feel more complete :)
*  My schedule/ gym routine, which I think would be down the drain with this belly anyways, but still.  I miss it.  I miss my daily walks with our G.  I am willing to bet she misses it more than me.  
*  The sunshine...that big ol' orange ball in the sky.  The clear blue sky and the vitamin D that comes from the whole natural feeling of being outside.  I think there have been two sunny days since I've been here.  D.E.P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G.  Every now and then I just get cranky...and I blame it on the lack of sun in my life.  Again, once the bean is here I doubt I even notice the outdoors, but still...I miss it.  
*  Spring training...I guess I knew I was going to miss this all along, but now that it has started, I'm jealous.  I want to go to a Cubs spring training game in my tank and flops and get tan while drinking a cold beverage.  Although that beverage would be water now, I don't mind.  I'd be happy to see some get me in the spirit of the best sports season.  

{When she isn't trying to dominate me, she's my buddy.}
I love our G.  I know she's going to have a life altering change coming soon.  As if a three day drive in the front seat of a Budget moving truck wasn't enough.  Plus, a complete change in environment, moving in with two kids and no fence in the backyard.  She was literally depressed.  She didn't eat their whole trip halfway across the U.S. and threw up some water a couple times. (Man, looking back, life was a whirlwind mess a month ago.)  I worry about the quality of G's life now.  She's not meant to be tied up or confined.  She should always get exercise.  She should be able to enjoy the outdoors...she's a dog who loves being outside...anytime...all the time.  BUT the little brat is SO extremely difficult with me.  Only me.  I don't think Daddy gets it, however, living in my sister-in-law's house, they have seen it first hand.  I think it's because Daddy wears the pants and she follows his lead...Mommy on the other hand, is just a wrinkle in her plan, the less dominant figure.  And in her eyes, she rules Mommy.  It's frustrating and sometimes brings me to tears of frustration!  I know she loves me, she just has a different way of showing it : P

{I bought Sperrys...think I can pull 'em off?}
I can't believe I purchased them...I told myself a long time ago they were too 'young' for me, too 'preppy' for me, and too 'fraternity/sorority' for me.  But look what I came home from the store with the other day.  Ha ha ha.  They are super comfortable.  And since the spring here isn't like that in Arizona, I thought they'd be perfect.  Flops might be stuck in the closet until May, so Sperrys it is!

Happy One Month of being in our new place of residence.  We are still Kim's roommates, haven't heard if we are clear to close on our townhome (supposedly Monday), and pretty much in shambles.  But, hey, the baby and the momma are healthy and we are here waiting on the arrival of our precious bundle of joy together.  Well, as together as hubby's work schedule will allow us to be.  Yes, I am super freaked out about every little thing, but it does me (nor the baby) any good to stress now.  One day we will be holding our baby in our arms, living under our own roof (whether or not we own it, isn't up to us any longer), and life will be organized.  Probably just in time for me to go back to work!  Whoop whoop :)  But all in all, I am hanging in there.  I can do this.  I am staying sane and honestly, just not thinking too hard about anything.  Just taking it one day at a time!

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