Sunday, March 27, 2011

Right This Moment

I want to bottle up these days.  The first few weeks of my daughter's life.  I want her stay tiny forever.  Then, I find myself in a predicament.  I can't wait to see her grow into a little girl...of course, not missing any of the steps along the way.  I cannot wait to get to know her little personality, find her likes and dislikes, and how'd she prefer to sleep and eat.  I know she knows I'm her mommy, but I can't wait till we walk into a crowded place and she grasps tightly onto to me...or maybe she'll be the socialite who could careless.  Or how about the feeling when I walk into the room either at daycare, a friend/relative's house, or school and see her face light up at my presence.

Addie, Mommy cannot wait to grow with you.  I love you more than I ever thought humanly possible.  Your Daddy and I are already so proud of you.  You love holding your tiny head up for as long as you can to see the world around you.  You love laying on Daddy's chest when he doesn't have a shirt on.  If you are "crying" it consoles you right away.  I love watching you two lay together.  You both are my world...everything I've ever wanted and dreamed of laying right next to me in bed.  I want to treasure these moments...and I do, but I fear they're going to leave me before I'm ready to let them go.

No, baby girl, I don't want you to be a 'newborn' forever, but man you make it a tough call my sweetheart.  I knew being a mom was going to be awesome, but I didn't know the extent of that awesomeness.

I love being a Mommy.


  1. They change and grow up so fast. I agree being a Mommy is amazing!