Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now We're Forty, Lordy, Lordy!

Like I've said before, I never thought I'd see this day come and go and still have a baby in my belly.  It doesn't necessarily frustrate me like one would think.  Hubby isn't home, so that's the number one issue.  I'm overly sentimental and emotional lately.  I daydream about the moment of my last push, the doctor announcing what our little bean is, looking at Mike and at our baby, having the baby placed on my chest, and giving daddy love from my position in bed.

So, little bean, where ya at?
{Oh that's right...in my belly}

I started to get upset about the baby not being here.  Then I take a deep breath, count to ten, and realize that this lil guy or girl will come out when the time is right.  Maybe this bebe needs to cook a little longer.  Maybe the baby knows daddy isn't home yet.  I could go on with 'maybes' and 'what ifs.' This morning (like every morning) I checked thebump.com's March 2011 Moms message boards.  There was a post about two other moms due today that had absolutely no progress at their last weeks doc appointment and therefore, know it's safe to assume there's no progress now.  (Although that's not always the case b/c one day there is going to be more progress than the last.)  It might be sad to admit, but I was so relieved that there were at least two other women out there paddling my same canoe.  I know I'm not alone, but it's easy to look around and pout thinking "golly gee...that lady had her baby, so did that one, oh, and so did she."  lol.  Every time I see an infant seat my heart skips a beat!  Mine will soon be riding along with me too.

And at about that moment in time, I remember that I need this rest and all the sleep I can get.  I need to spend time in our new home doing as much as I can to prepare for our official move in.  There are errands that need to be ran and other small tasks that will aid in the completion of our home.  To be quite frank, I am exhausted just thinking about it all.  However, on the other hand I need this baby outta me so I can get other things done (painting, cleaning, lifting, moving).  

Baby B, let's get this show on the road :)


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