Thursday, January 6, 2011

Photo Update

Not much to say, but many cute pics to post.  SO SO SO mad at myself for not getting a pic with my mom nor my dad over Christmas.  Ggggggggrrrrrrrr..........

Sisters and I on Christmas Eve morning at my dad's.

Hubs and I at Brio for dinner one evening

Hubs and his new door mat- will go perfect with his sister's wedding gift!

Us and "our" (it's really his, I guess) autographed Bears helmet :) 

There's a first time for everything!!

My sister's pup, Noelle, and I- we were buddies in the morning hours.  I miss her!

Before heading to dinner Sunday night- last dinner with pops.

PF Changs is not ready for us- lol.  No, we just have the same boots!!

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