Saturday, January 22, 2011


That's exactly how I feel!  However, today I have a wonderful reason to be 'pooped.'  I had shower #2 with all my AZ folk.  It was perfect.  Nichole hosted it at Lauren's house.  Nichole did an amazing job with the theme of Dr. Suess's Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Everything coordinated and every little detail was fabulous.  From the decorations to the food to the gifts.  Thank you Lauren for letting us use your house.  It was awesome to have a shower here in Prescott considering my current state of mind.  And thank you to Nichole for being a wonderful host, as always.  Now, I'm going to have to fly her out to Chicago for any further events :)
Can't tell but there's a belly...
I am so very lucky to have such amazing friends.  And Baby B got spoiled once again.  We got too many things and are overwhelmed with the love that surrounds us!  Here's a shout out to the ladies and a huge THANK YOU to Nichole Cassidy, Lauren Glassman, Juliette Guthrie, Ashley Oliver, Nicole Wright, Jeni Borge, Olea Sortor, Nikki Hepworth, Heather Krzmarzick, Shyloe Franz, and Barb Cassidy, Kim Two Bulls, and Andrea Powell in spirit!  It was exactly what I needed at this time. 

I also wanted to make note that yesterday (Friday, January 21st) we went to the baby doc.  A routine visit.  But for the first time Baby B kicked the heart rate monitor.  He/She was moving and the heartbeat would get louder and softer, then "bop" the baby gave us a nice little hello.  It was SO cool...and brought a huge smile to my face.  I cannot wait to meet you Baby B!  Everything is fine, however, I am measuring a little small and we are taking precautions and having an ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon.  I will give an update then- let's hope it's all good inside there!  

With that this prego is off to bed- Good-night!

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