Tuesday, January 11, 2011

31...Almost Done

Not really almost done, but it rhymed.  Good news is at 36 weeks the baby is considered healthy to deliver...I like to say, deliverable.  So little bun in the oven, please, please, please make it to 36 weeks.  I'm only asking you stay inside for at least 5 more weeks.  And the other part of me says, Baby B, please stay in the oven until mommy knows where she is going to deliver :)  Plus, I really want a March baby.  In that case, we have to make it to 38 weeks.  I am not the least bit worried.  Don't take any of this the wrong way.  I'm just counting down...and have been for a long, long, long time!  lol.  We have no signs of baby coming early and nothing to be worried about as far as we know.  

So...baby is still the size of a squash says one site.  According to "What to Expect When You're Expecting" this is the last week of the seventh month.  Baby is weighing in at 3+ lbs this week...probably somewhere over 3.5, but not quite 4.  The lil bugger is about 18 inches long, give or take b/c all babies are different.  Some babies are born at 18 inches...I think I was around 21.5 and 6 lbs 1 oz (which I didn't know, I thought I was 6 lbs 7 oz- oops!) and I was also early.  Interesting to know.  One thing Michael and I know for sure...we will not make a big baby!  Neither one of us reached 100 lbs until high school (maybe even senior year for me).  We are scrawny folk :)  And that's OK...b/c I'm perfectly content laboring & delivering a small baby...safely small that is.  The baby's main focus for awhile is brain connections.  He/She is learning to process information, track light, and use all five senses.  The book says that baby is sleeping in longer stretches, which is funny b/c I've been noticing no movement times of the day versus lots of movement times.  It's fun to think about the lil bun just snoozing away.  
There's Baby B :)

According to the docs records I've gained 18 lbs.  I was down 2 from my last appointment, but there was no alarm...we will see how next time goes.  However, I weigh myself at the same time any time I've decided to step on the scale.  That would be first thing in the morning after I pee before I gain any "water weight" (I have to laugh b/c I've never cared about my weight until I started packing lbs on...for a good reason, but still)...and to my records I've gained 15 lbs.  A fun lil bit of info...I will weigh more than Michael at the end of this pregnancy.  Sad day!  But not hard to do.  When I look down I can still see everything.  From the cute undies I have put on that morning to my toes.  In the shower this morning, I was thinking my ankles seem a bit larger than before, but who knows.  Belly button is still in the 'popped' position, but is quickly becoming more flat.  Guess the poor thing doesn't really know what to do with itself!  I sleep moderately well...the only way I'd sleep better is if I could lay on my tummy.  However, there's a large somethin' somethin' in the way!  Thank goodness for my tempurpedic.  Speaking of- I think hubby misses it.  And I've told him several times, I'd be willing to share if you'd just come home!!!  No weird cravings or aversions...although I've been on a yogurt kick this past week.  Cool, smooth, and fruity...yummy to my tummy!  Knock on wood- the heartburn has given me a little breather.  Only a few bad bouts here and there.  

Anyways..I think that's a fairly inclusive update!  On to fun things...like cleaning the frig. lol
It looks pretty snazzy if you ask me!  Since I can't really 'nest' like most moms-to-be do.  Well, hold that thought, I am/can nest, it's just a little different.  The baby's room will not be set up.  End of story.  Instead, I am nesting in the sense that I am preparing for our move.  Let's get out of this nest and on to the next! Clean frig- check.  

Here are my boys after dinner yesterday.  You can see, they're enjoying an Oreo.  It's all over their faces and, as you can see, they already know that taking off one of the chocolate cookies is the best way to eat an Oreo!  Nobody taught them that either.  Crazy what kids can come up with.  They're getting SO big though, it's fun.  I will surly miss these little personalities when I leave!

AND.....look what came in the mail for me yesterday!?!?!?  Now Baby B is all set with:
An infant seat with the snap n'stroll (or whatever) stroller.  I attached my diaper bag on the handles just to get the full effect.
We're just missing you, Baby B.
AND.....Here's our beyond the infant seat ride for Baby B.  Yes, he/she is very spoiled.  It's the Britax I love :) This seat can be rear and forward facing...so this will be the seat in Daddy's ride (most likely) and will most certainly grow with Baby B beyond 35 lbs.  
Safety for the bebe- check!

I'm SO pumped.  Our baby collection is coming along quite nicely.  We got the highchair we registered for from my sister-in-law, Kim, and her family for Christmas.  (pic to come)  Then after my shower #2 in Arizona Jan. 22nd, we will surly be more than set.  I cannot thank our friends and family enough for all our gifts and unconditional love.  We are truly so very blessed and this lil bean is loved more than ever.  The poor lil guy/girl has no idea what's in store upon it's entrance into the "real" world.  But I absolutely cannot wait to finally see him/her! *ah* I get tears just thinking about it :)

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  1. Do Lauren's kiddos know you're moving? They are going to be so, so, so sad! :(

    Love all the baby gear. 31 weeks!!!!!! Geez! It seems like just yesterday you were getting married. :)