Thursday, January 20, 2011


My little weekly (or daily) email this morning discussed memory loss of a pregnant woman.

I am sorry, but I cannot be forgetful.  I am packing a house and moving four of us halfway across the United States.  Really?  Ugh!  I feel as if I am keeping on top of things, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves.  I am terrified I am going to forget something really important.  Here's an example:  I flew to Chicago last week, right?  Yes.  Well, I forgot while traveling on any pass you have to dress professionally.  The only thing on my mind lately is comfort b/c I'm typically in an uncomfortable state.  SO, I figured for a 3 hour flight I needed to make sure I was wearing comfy clothes.  WRONG.  Not only did I pack leggings, my boots, and a sweatshirt, but leggings are NEVER accepted in their dress code.  Sweet.  Mind you, I remembered this at 3 am on Thursday (the day I was flying out).  I packed a sweater and borrowed my mother-in-law's black pants.  Way to go prego!  Nice thing is that they didn't hackle me at the airport and I flew first class no problem.  I doubt any of them knew I was in sheer panic- tears falling, shaking, mad at myself...the whole bit...just hours before take off.  

So, I have forgotten things lately.  They've just been things I've been able to deal with.  Let's hope we have no catastrophes within the next 4 weeks or so.  Let me get packed, get to Chicago, unpacked, and at least partially settled.

[Side note:  the TSA guy at the airport that early Thursday morning looked straight at my belly and said, "What is in there?"  And my response was, "A baby."  I think that completely threw him off guard b/c that is obviously not what he was referring to, but I had no clue what he meant.  I am guessing the thought my sweater was bunched weird or that maybe my sweater should have been taken off as a coat, but nonetheless it was surly funny!  He couldn't spit out his next sentence and asked me to collect my things from the x-ray machine.  Good pregnancy moment, no doubt!]

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