Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30 Weeks from Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport

I feel like my hubby today!  I was hoping to simply jump on the earlier flight to Phoenix this afternoon, but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen upon my arrival to the airport oh, four and a half hours early.  Oh the joys of traveling.  My fault for choosing a late flight, but man, I wanted to sleep in my own bed tonight and know that with this sleepy 3rd trimester lifestyle I won't be able to drive come 8 or 9 pm.  We will see.

So, instead of just staring aimlessly at the thousands of random people walking by, I decided to update my blog.  What else would one do??  lol.  Here we are 30 (or is it 31?) weeks:
As you can see, we are growing.  And the whole week counting thing is still bothering me :)

At this point in my pregnancy I cannot wait to meet my lil bean.  BUT I am totally freaked out just the same.  Am I really going to be a mom?  Am I really going to have this baby and make our twosome/threesome a threesome/foursome?!?!?  What?  Why?  And the fact that this thing is stuck with me for life just freaks me out.  Anyways...baby is the size of a squash, which apparently is 15-16 inches long and 3.5 pounds.  Heartburn is kicking in...and it just depends on what my stomach thinks is "not settling well."  Whatever.  The baby's grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger and there's a blurb about the brain gaining wrinkles as the skin smoothes out.  I guess those wrinkles are adding brain tissue to my lil beans very smart brain :)  Kinda fun to think about!

I am SO SO SO excited for my friend Devon and her fiance Steveo!  They had their little girl, Avry, yesterday.  Four weeks early, but she's always been that momma-to-be that was one step ahead of me. I blogged about her earlier.  Their precious bundle of joy is here...and I can't believe it.  What's really getting me is the fact that I am the one next on the list of pregos that are due.  Strange.  It's me, my turn!!

Yes, that would be my sister's pup, Noelle, sprawled out squished style behind me while I surfed the net yesterday morning.  She's such a nut, but I love her so!
And I couldn't help but post this picture of the outstanding molten lava chocolate cake my dad and Jenny made on NYE.  Talk about everything a prego needs.  Plus, a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream. My favorite thing by far!

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