Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Audios 2010!  You were the most amazing year of my life thus far.

Upon my solo return trip to The Woodlands from the airport, I was thinking.  I frequently find myself thinking, reflecting, and pondering after hubby leaves me.  Usually there are tears shed- lots of them.  But this time just felt different.  I felt more in control of our situation.  However, nothing has changed.  Strange.  He's out of training.  We know the days he is off for January.  I got to be with him for 63 hours.  I woke up with him next to me three whole mornings in a row.  It was amazing.  I do not know how I'd function without him in my life.  Thank you, MJB, for taking your days off and spending them with me.  Love, your wifey.

Sure, I could dwell on the fact that he didn't get to be with me on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Oh and he's m.i.a. for New Years Eve.  All for the first time in four years (I think?!?). But I've discovered that gets me nowhere.  It's the last day of a whole year.  You can't help but reflect back on what has happened.  And look to the future.

NYE 2009

As I look forward to 2011, I dream of holding our first born in my arms.  Sharing one of the most amazing moments in our life...right up there next to the day we said "I Do."  I imagine us being settled in our home in Chicago.  Slowly but surly putting all of the pieces of our life together like a puzzle.  I envision a challenging year for our relationship in the best way possible.  Him with a new career, rarely at home leaving us with even a smaller amount of time together as two, three, or four depending :)  2011 is a new beginning.  I'm a pro at new beginnings now...I would just like to be slightly more prepared for those coming this year!  We will get there.  This night is the end to a great monumental year.  Makes it hard to say good-bye, but now we get anniversaries and babies!!

Cheers to you with my glass of sparkling grape juice.  See ya next year!

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