Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Day After Christmas

And all through the room
The only critter moving,
was in my womb!

Baby B is still on the move- a lot at random times and I love it.  He/She made an appearance on Christmas Day and my mom, Martin, Caitlin, Emily, and Hannah all got to see the movement.  A few brave souls felt them too.  We spent yesterday at my mom's house.  Folks were moving slower this year than pervious years and I didn't get over there till 9 am!  Props to Scooby for sleeping in and having to be woke up :)  We had our traditional Hostess doughnuts and put in an egg bake (recipe honors of my sister-in-law, Kim) after we opened gifts.  It was another great day for this duo.  My mom shipped us an external hard drive (much needed to back up the Mac w/baby on the way) and an incase computer sleeve for easier traveling with my trusty steed.  Along with those major necessities we got several other much needed gifts that will be easy to transport back to AZ.

I think everyone was happy with their gifts and even though that's not what this season is all about- it's an added bonus.  We lazied around, ate our egg bake, and in the early evening hours went to see Little Fockers.  Not to shoot anyone's dream down about going to see it, I wouldn't pay $7 for a ticket.  Wait till it's out at Redbox or Netflix.  It's one of those movies that just gets old (Gaylord vs. his father-in-law, THE WHOLE TIME) and they showed ALL the funny parts (to me) in the previews.  I hate that so much!  We ate munchies for dinner (my mom makes some of the world's best dips) and I called it an early night.

Little B, my darling, you are making mommy really tired lately.  I am back to sleeping 9+ hours a night and needing a nap sometime throughout the day.  Either that or I go to bed early and the cycle just starts over.  Exhausting!  lol.  I have a friend who announced her pregnancy roughly a month before I found out I too was expecting.  I sent her a facebook msg and got some sweet advice from her regarding the early awkward stuff.  Anyways...she's always been the girl one step ahead of me.  Whatever she feels, posts about, or tells me...I feel shortly after.  And her x number of weeks ahead of me always seems like forever away, but then I find myself in her shoes rather quickly.  It's crazy.  Her recent post was about her baby girl dropping down super low, hard core contractions, and maybe an early arrival.  Holy smokes!  I am SO not ready for that yet, Baby B.  Although I do know we will make it through just fine if that's the path you choose to take...BUT...Daddy, we gotta get some stuff figured out/ready (ie. where are we going to live?)!!!  Ah!!!!

Living the dream at home...good food, better company, and all around comfortableness.  I'm lovin it!

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