Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Weeks Late!

My trip to Texas (11/19-11/28) was fabulous!  My mom picked me up at the airport Friday afternoon and we ran to the mall, did some shopping and grabbed lunch.  She bought me a couple 'maternity' outfits for my birthday.  It was so nice to spend time with my momma.  Plus, the weather was beautiful.  That night my Grandma Knowles, Grandma Peggy, and Aunt Cindy arrived from Rolla.  We ate dinner upon their arrival and chatted at the table for quite some time.  Just tons of stories and, of course, baby talk.  Everyone thinks I am having a girl, but my Grandma Peggy.  We shall see who's correct come March :)

Saturday (November 20, 2011) I woke up and hung out with my Daddy.  He showed me his work thus far on the baby crib, which I followed throughout my 10 days there.  It's going to be the most beautiful crib ever!  And then I headed over to my mom's house for my early baby shower!!  It was SO SO SO SO fun!  My mom hosted a wonderful shower.  My sisters, grandmas, and aunt helped, which was all special to me.  It stinks, but we rarely see our extended family.  We just got lots of quality time together throughout the weekend.  My mom invited her friends at work, who were a great group of ladies.  Some I have met before and others were new faces.  I had a handful of friends (Jenny, Stefanie, Kiri, Annie, Megan, and Alyssa).  And did we ever get showered!  I couldn't believe the gifts, love, cards, and support we got from all those ladies.  The food was simple and yummy. Chicken salad sandwiches, ham sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit tray, my mom's amazing spinach-artichoke dip, potato chips, and Funfetti cupcakes with Rainbow Chip icing (my favorite).  My mom even had Diet Dr. Pepper for me :)  Only thing that sucked...I didn't get many pics, but my family did- whew!  
My sisters and I at the shower!

After the shower, we went to a Christmas carnival type thing.  It was pretty cool...especialy if you have kids.  They brought in SNOW, not the fake stuff, the real stuff.  Of course, I took a pic:
I won't give you the complete play-by-play of the whole 10 days.  On Tuesday, my hubby passed his oral examination (after kicking booty on his written exam on Monday) and jumped on a flight to see ME :)  It was also the night that we planned on celebrating mine and Jenny's birthday!  Hannah made the homemade chocolate chip cookies I was hoping to surprise Mike with and we hung up a 'congratulations' sign.  I am SO proud of him, yet again.  We went to Papasitos (yummy Mexican) and celebrated.  Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom and Martin (Michael was able to stay for this meal).  Thursday I unfortunately had to take Michael back to the airport for his flight to Dallas.  His simulator class started on Friday.  Boo.  It was too nice waking up next to him for two mornings in a row.  I could definitely get used to that again!  It was real tough saying good-bye, as always.  But I know for a fact this distance stuff is making me stronger.  This is SO how it was supposed to be.  Ya know?  Before he left for training in Dallas, I'd be a train wreck if he wasn't in bed with me for a night...terrified out of my mind of anything, everything.  I was guaranteed a miserable night's sleep if he wasn't with me.  I've said good-bye to him 3 times since then and even though the tears come on hard, I know I will make it through.  This could also be b/c I know there's an end in sight...and it really isn't too far away! Yayyyyy!  

Thursday, actual Thanksgiving Day, was spent with my dad and sisters.  Strange b/c it was just the five of us...and it hasn't been that way for a long, long, long time.  It was fun!  I enjoyed the time with each of my family members SO much.  Sophie, my dad's dog, was just such a cuddle bug:

My dad out in the rain frying the turkey- poor guy!

Our dinner table with Scooby..nice n' simple- scrumptious!

ANDDD I got my first ride in my Dad's Ferrari :)

Obviously it was hard to leave.  This was hard for me to swallow though b/c when I've been with Mike, we've been excited to get back into our routine, to see our Gracie.  But this time, I returned solo. Of course I was still excited to see G..and she really was SO sweet when I arrived.  It's just hard to come back to a place where I'm SO lonely!  Have I said that enough?  Lol...I feel like it's all I talk about.  It does cross my mind a lot..and it is how I currently live my life.  Anyways...I am back in my groove and time seems to be flying.

Did you know I have exactly ONE HUNDRED days of my pregnancy left?!?!?!?!
Here's to a countdown I can work with.  I remember the "100 days until our wedding" and how that time flew by.  Baby B, you will be here before we know it :0)


  1. Great update! Porsche huh? LOL!

  2. LOL- just caught that before I even read your post...oh it's been a long 24 hours, can you tell??

  3. It cracked me up. Let's just pretend you did it on purpose to see if your dad would catch it!