Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Baby B and I are in the great state of Texas with my family :)  And Daddy is in Chicago :,(

Houston is warm and rainy.  We woke up this morning (we as in baby and I) at 8 am.  I headed downstairs and, in the process, the rest of the fam awoke.  I trucked out for some doughnuts -this prego has to eat immediately upon waking up out of slumber- with my sister Caitlin.  Then we opened gifts.  Lots of love this year (not like there isn't every year, but just sayin).  I got a Tiffany necklace that matches my hoop earrings I got for my birthday.  First pair of nice hoops and my first Tiffany necklace, I do believe.  A Scentsy and some yummy wax bricks to make my house smell so amazing.  A pre-made Honeymoon scrapbook from Hallmark and 2 BlueRays (Boone Dock Saints and The Notebook).  My big ticket item was a Canon Rebel T1i!!  I am so very excited for this, as having #1 means lots of pics to come :)  And not just any pictures, but good pictures.  I love my lil Canon friend.  He has taken many photo memories for me in the past, but it's time this momma-to-be graduates!  Yay!  Currently we are still in the learning phase, but come March I should be ready. lol.

Dad made a fabulous dinner:  ham, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob, caesar salad, and warm dinner rolls with lots o' butter.  The four of us girlies did the take down, clear, and clean of everything in record time.  We rushed off to a Christmas Eve service at church while the weather had different plans and a huge downpour swept through The Woodlands.  It was a great evening to cuddle up with Dad's dog, Sophie.  And we called it a night.  A wonderful night at that.

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