Monday, December 20, 2010

Smooth Sailing

Today was our monthly doctor visit.  Baby B looks perfect (again).  It's strange b/c the appointment lasts about 30 minutes from when I walk into the door to when I walk out.  Yeah, that's nice b/c waiting around for forever sucks.  BUT how do they really know Baby B is ok?  They trust and follow what I say, but what if I miss something?  Ah!  And they can't see the they say everything looks great...from the outside.  

Doc says my belly is fine...on the smaller side b/c I have a long torso.  He says that I carry well and my body is taking to the baby.  Baby B fits nicely in there.  His guesstimate was that at 35 weeks I will wake up one morning and look like I swallowed two basketballs.  Literally, word for word what he said.  Can't wait to see those pics :)  

Heart rate was music to my ears (again).  He didn't tell me what it was at, but it's safe to say around the 144 mark.  He measured my uterus...does 27 inches sound right?  I have no clue what he said now...although I knew around 11 this morning.  The movement is wonderful (and constant).  He said in a few weeks he'll be able to feel the placement of the baby (head, shoulders, knees, and toes), but that now the baby is still too little through the skin.  Plus, it's early and really doesn't matter.  The baby will move and move again and again and again.  Although, I believe the head is down. I also believe that there is something on my bottom left side and another something on the top right on my abdomen.  The baby tends to 'kick' and I feel it in those two spots simultaneously.  It's crazy!  However, whatever is on my right side HURTS.  

I'm clear to keep working out until I feel incapable or in pain.  The doctor told me to keep doin' whatever I've been doin'.  He also said that he wishes everyone had a pregnancy as smooth and beautiful as mine.  *aw* Baby B did you hear that?  We're doing a good job :)


  1. Yay!! Great news from the doctor. Can't wait to see the pics when you have your 2 basketballs!!!! ;)

  2. I just it. Could be that it's my lady week though...all emotional...but that last line got me...just beautiful heather! Love you!