Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little B, You're Set

Over the past few weeks/months 'Papa' has sent some surprise gifts for Baby B.  I wanted to document them they're too cute to pass up!  Plus, he has the beginnings of the crib started and while I won't post pics just yet I will do a large post about Baby B's furniture down the road.  Fun stuff!

{Harley-Davidson reversible winter coat!  For those cold Chicago winters, size will be perfect in just a few years.  Papa is creative, he's also a great writer.  So each gift has a poem.}

{Sorry the image is sideways, I will correct it when I have more time!}

{Along with the Harley package, we got a bonus onesie from Jenny!  It's an absolutely perfect gift b/c Jenny is the ultimate Triathlete :0)  Little B will be rocking this onesie while we cheer her on in her first Ironman come May '11...whoop, whoop!  Can't wait.}

{I doubt these are in the correct order, but next up is the baby Urlacher jersey!  It will match Daddy just perfect (Mike has an orange one) :0)  Can't help with be cheesy on this one.  Can you imagine M with his little bumpkin hanging out on a Sunday in their getup??  I can, and I LOVE IT!  The poem for this one read, "Baby's first words are usually "momma" or "dadda," but just imagine the stares...when baby B's first words are "Da Bears!" Love, Papa" Too cute for words!}

{And just this week we got this guy.  Cubbies onesie, booties, and bib- complete with his/her first bat! Come baseball season 2012, baby B will be rockin this gear.  The poem read, "Because the only 'runs' might not be on the field, be sure Baby B is wearing Huggies when going to see the Cubbies! Love, Papa xoxoxoxo"  Ha ha ha- too funny and sick!}

{The above two were surprise gifts from Grandma and Aunt Caitlin...a Taggies puppy, a musical giraffe that plays "Jesus Loves Me," a cute card, a towel and wash cloths!!  Baby B is SO loved.  All sent 'just because.'  How awesome.  Something to keep a freezing baby warm post bathy and his/her first stuffed animals!}

We are so very thankful and appreciate all the well wishes, kind thoughts and prayers, and love we're already being showered with.  

{And because I feel like it, I want to wear this shirt around every day.  Hello world, I'm emotional, moody, freaked out about the state my body is currently in, hungry, and missing my family.  Now, leave me alone.  Lol!  Also, since I still look like I just had Thanksgiving dinner complete with a 12 pack of beers, it'd let everyone know there's a baby in there!  Maybe I should have made that purchase...}

 And just for the record:  TWO sleeps till I'm in Tejas!!  Maybe this is why I don't sleep so well- lol.


  1. You forgot to mention the bat was made by Papa!!! And where's the triathlon onesie? ;) Baby B is going to have a full closet in no time!!!!!

  2. I had to eat lunch and shower before work...there are more gifts to come! And yes that little bitty bat was made by Papa :) SO SO SO awesome!

  3. I think your dad wants a boy! :)