Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Momma's B-day and 23 Weeks!

I woke up this morning to my precious Gracie...at 6:40 am.  Whatever happened to sleeping in, dog???  Anyways, she was ready to go outside, but it was just too cold.  I chose to stay under the covers.  Doug ended up letting her out AND...he made me breakfast!  Yes!  A.  my favorite meal of the day B.  my favorite thing: biscuits and gravy  C. it's definitely going to be a happy day, as Colleen says.

{This is where she sometimes sleeps...it happened more frequently when Mike was here and would get up for work early.  She'd take his spot. Head on the pillow and all.}

{And this is how she lays when she wants a belly rub...legs spread as open as they can be.  Her favorite scratching place is most certainly the upper thigh...lol.  I always tell her to close her legs!}

I had every intention of heading to the gym, but I decided against it.  It's a day to be lazy and do whatever I want!  I will head to work at 1 and Lauren is making me a Mexican Fiesta for dinner, complete with a Funfetti cake of some sort.  Yum!  
Today also marks 23 weeks!  Baby B is now the size of a papaya.  Measuring in at 8 inches on one site and 10.5-11.8 on another and roughly 1.2 lbs.  Exciting news this week, literally word for word, "The next task at hand of baby:  sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!"  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  But how precious those little nipples will be.

{23 weeks and 1 day}

This day is so surreal for me.  I kept saying, "I will be 27 when baby is born."  But 27 felt like it was forever away.  I swear November felt like it wasn't ever approaching.  Yet, here we are.  November 16th, 2010...my 27th birthday.  And we've got 17 weeks to go until I have my first lil baby!!  Eeeeeeeeee!  I can't wait.  It's also a tough day.  I've spent the last few years (I believe, 4 at least) celebrating my birthday with my Dad and Jenny.  Jenny and I share this wonderful day as our birthday!  And before I moved to AZ...my memory is failing me...I think my Dad spent a few years with me and maybe others alternating with Jenny (ah! it's terrible I can't remember right now).  This year, we decided to hold up on the birthday trip A. I'm prego B. I'm going to Houston for a whole week over Thanksgiving C. Next year, we are doing Vegas!  It was a tough decision and now that Mike isn't here...I think I regret it.  Being without family on your birthday flat out sucks :)  However, I'm still lucky...only 3 more sleeps until I'm home!!  Whoop Whoop!


  1. Fun stuff girl! Happy Birthday again...one final time for this year! You'll be home before you know it!!!! Can't wait for the baby shower! Love you Heather. :)

  2. Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to be in front of a camera? lol