Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Full Pound

That's right, baby B is now a full pound!!  Kind of weird to think that 6-ish more pounds and our baby will be birth weight.  Exciting at the same time.  A good friend of mine, Ashley, is being induced Saturday.  I don't know how to explain my happiness...I can't even imagine hers!  Her little girl was due Nov. 16th (yes, my birthday!)  but she's ready to come out early.  I keep having dreams that I am the one being induced on Saturday...let's just say that results in a huge, freak out, panic attack :0)  Although, I must admit, I cannot wait to find out what the little being growing in my belly is.  Boy?  Or girl?  I mostly get 'boy,' but who really knows (only baby B and I'm not even sure the poor thing knows what it is yet...lol).  So this is week 22...

Baby B is now the size of a papaya or a spaghetti squash, you pick.  He/She is starting to settle into slep cycles that we hope continue after birth- lol.  Sleeping 12-14 hours a day.  We're now 10.5-11.8 inches long.  The baby now has a sense of touch, grabbing the umbilical cord will be the only thing touchable in the womb.  They can also see light, so placing a flashlight on my belly might cause a reaction from the baby.  His/Her face is now fully developed...yayyy!  

I am feeling great.  A little battle with heartburn yesterday, but Tums seem to be working for now.  I have been thirsty for Diet Dr. Pepper (caffeine free if it's accessible).  And no weird food cravings.  Although, I am always hungry.  Even after eating a meal (if I don't gorge myself and eat too quickly), I'm hungry.  Dessert has been a huge hit for us.  I am working on fighting off any and every sign of a cold or sickness.  It doesn't help that the whole nanny house is sick (colds, ear infections, bronchitis).  Still debating the stupid flu shot.  I figure, if I debate long enough, flu season will have passed.  Blah.  Baby is still active at random times during the day.  And I still love every minute of it.  We are still working out 3-4 times a week on average.  Loving the endorphins that are released once it's over!  Like I've said in almost every other post, I am pumped about my week vacation home in TEN days.  SO much fun to be had and maybe a trip up to see the hubs!  Bummed b/c it's up to me for the traveling as his schedule pretty much sucks.  But I have to be thankful for whatever!

Have a great Tuesday everyone- off to work I go!


  1. 10 days will FLY by!!!! So glad you had a nice visit with Mr. B. :)

  2. Too cute. You're tiny belly looks like you maybe had a tad bit too much to eat and you're pooching your stomach out. Can't believe you have a little bambino in there!!

  3. aww heather i can finally see your preggo belly now!