Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Absolutely None

On my way home from my workout this morning, this dirty, skanky Ford Explorer flew past me in order to turn onto the highway. This fellow, as I learned, cut me off and took an extremely dangerous, sharp turn too quickly. Now, I know I'm not always the best driver...I tend to follow too close to the car in front of me. But this one corner in particular has caused accidents, some even resulting in death, so being cautious is necessary. Plus, he's driving a car that tips...easily. As this dude and I make this turn, I see an infant seat handle sticking up over the seat through the back window. SAD. I'm hoping and praying that little bundle of joy wasn't in the car...I know several folks who leave the car seat in the car and prefer taking the baby in and out itself. I get over it, but notice his over aggressive driving. And I am pregnant and sensitive to pretty much everything around me. I think to myself, "It could be worse. The guy could be smoking in the car." I have my cruise control set (I usually always do as I tend to have a lead foot and no money for a ticket), so I pass him in the right lane mind you b/c how dare this cool dude get over...only to see HE WAS SMOKING. Three windows were cracked. But that poor baby was inhaling his cigarette smoke. Sick. I was livid as I glared at him through my sunglasses. Jerk. Oh AND, his seatbelt wasn't on.

It kills me. I hate thinking about the children who are brought into this world and know no other life. The mom who used meth her whole pregnancy and is on such a bad trip that she can't care for her children, let alone purchase anything nutritious b/c the money was used on drugs. You see several parents around this area like that. Apparently, Prescott is known for meth. I had no clue as to what this drugs is, does, or what people look like who are users. It's SICK. I've been to the park on Gracie and I's daily morning walk watching kids fight on the playground as their mom sits in the car, messed up on something, unbathed, unpresentable, unfunctionable, yelling from the car window at her kids too many times to count on one hand. It's sad.

So, ABSOLUTELY NONE of that in my house...or in my life. If you're a friend and you smoke, don't come over after you've smoked a pack and expect to hold my child. Sorry. Don't expect to be allowed to smoke in the car b/c the window is rolled down. Not going to tolerate it. It makes ME nauseous, think about how a being 1/16th of my size feels. No offense folks. Just being honest :-) We don't have friends or family that classify in any of the above. I'm just venting, sharing with you my thoughts today, and voicing my opinion.

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  1. AMEN heath!! I agree sister!! It makes me SO sad having amazing friends in my life who would make incredible parents but struggle for years with infertility. And every druggy, WT, broke a** person in this world has NO problem getting pregnant! (0ver and over and over again!) Its infuriating. Every time I see a baby with those parents i secretly want to steal it :)