Friday, September 24, 2010


The single thing I could be content with all day everyday. Maybe this is why cereal sounds good. I am happy with my new obsession with milk b/c I know it's great for baby, BUT it is SO SO SO SO SO strange for me. I've gone years without drinking a single glass. This might be my one major pregnancy craving. Can't wait to see what happens once he or she arrives. AND what's weird is that in college I'd randomly buy 1% or skim b/c that's what I liked in my it's 2% or nothing. I mean I guess I'd drink 1%, but everything else seems sickening. A gallon around this house lasts a maximum of a week. 3-4 days is standard lately. Costco here we come!!

Other than milk nothing seems weird...I "crave" all things terrible for me. I usually eat them and try to counter act what they are going to do in my body with some protein. No lie- I eat wayyyyy too many carbs :-) But they're oh so yummy and right now I have NO CONTROL over turning them down. I will drive out of my way to get whatever it is that is on my mind. Those of you who knew me before know for a fact that that's not me! Especially right before the wedding. Ah!

I also got a lecture about CrossFit...and it makes me cranky. Real cranky. So I probably won't elaborate much. I've been CrossFitting for 2.5 years. My body doesn't know what it's like to not workout. I've made great gains in those two years- I'm proud of the weight I can 'throw' around and the movements I can do. I am good friends with the barbell and pull-up bar, which I've never touched before these 2.5 years. There are a lot of CrossFitters world wide. There are also a ton of CrossFit haters. And I hate them in jk. You have to be extremely careful CorssFitting while prego. You also can't be stupid. Using common sense to me seems legit. As long as I understand why I can't do certain movements, I will know which movements to stay away from. It is a whole new world. And it's frustrating. I can't be competitive, I can't set PRs, I can't always do what the class is makes me sad. I know I am doing it for a fabulous reason- to keep mommy and baby healthy and safe. I'm not one to ignore what the docs tell me. And I won't start now. But it's cramping my style. Thank heavens for CrossFit Mom. They have saved my workout life thus far :)

Off to enjoy my 3 day weekend. Wishing Michael James was home with me now though...missing his company, as always!

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  1. Cravings are the craziest thing ever! As you know, I almost ate sand when I was preggo with Ryan. At least yours is a healthier alternative!! :)