Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving right along the produce section

The 'bean' is in fact, no longer a bean and is the size of a lemon. Odd to me b/c I imagine a lemon fairly small in comparason to a peach, but whatever. It's what they say and it makes this waiting game much more fun : )

Come on...now you've got to see the bump growing. It's there. No I don't look prego. I still look like I just ate three meals at home with my mother or father cooking. *Side note: ALL I think about is food...I plan my day around what my next meal will be and I usually have a flashback of what my choice was/will be. So going home sounds ah-mazing! Anyways...we will get there with the belly showing. Once it's "pops" I will post SO many pics, I promise. I cannot wait for that day/week...or whatever. And- just FYI I don't always wear the same thing like a sicko...I am trying to get the same type of pic at each week, so you can see the growth. They're taken weekly and I do laundry on the weekends : )

We're at 14 weeks now. THREE and A HALF WHOLE MONTHS! Yippee!! I am starting the phase of 'round ligament pain.' Not so fun. It pretty much just means that my insides are stretching, which is why you start to show in the 2nd trimester. They're growing pains...and I do feel them. Sometimes worse than others...usually worse on my left side. Strange. And what's rad is the only recommendation for making them feel better is RELAXATION...yeahh buddy! Just gotta get Mike some palm leaves to fan me and some new grapes (I just ate the last of them this morning) and we'll be set.

Interesting fact: your (or my) uterus expands 14 times in size and 20 pounds in weight. Pretty cool huh? All because a woman can carry a baby inside it. SO fun to know. I'm getting more 'sentimental' about my tummy, the being growing inside it, and eventually bringing that being into the world.

What baby can do this month: thumb sucking, toe wiggling, urine making, and breathing the amniotic fluid...it's a busy lil thing. Oh, and it's growing HAIR!!!

Other fun things...Mike is FINALLY home. He went to an air show in the boonies of IL over the weekend. 4 whole days without him were long and lonely!! And he flew himself there in a school plane, which always has me on edge. Even though he's an outstanding pilot. We also got two cool gifts this week. One from Kyle Mays and Alyssa Garcia (Kyle was a groomsman, obviously both attended the wedding and got engaged about a month ago I wanna say)...the Cherish Willow Tree figure. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I cannot wait to add to our 'family' collection as I know there are so really sweet ones out there. Exciting. (Pic to come) And our trainer's wife, Andrea, bought us some bottles, binkies, and nipples on sale...and even threw in some hair gel for Mike : ) The bottles were $1.79 each, nipples 89 cents, and binkies $1.19. Crazy bargains and a great gift!

Alright, off to shower before lunch and work- cheers!


  1. Man, those are some great deals!! But, YAY for 14 weeks!!! So exciting. I hope I get to see the baby bump in person when it "pops".


  2. You're pregnant. I'm not. And you have a hotter body than I'll ever have...no fair!