Thursday, September 23, 2010

15 weeks and counting...

It's all good from this end of things. Baby B is now the size of a navel orange!! That would be aproximately 110 grams and 120 mm. He or she is getting bigger every day : ) What is more fun for me is knowing that in a little over 4 weeks I will be five months and that's halfway..whoop, whoop. Not that I don't want to be pregnant or that I am wishing for the end (although having my very own child in my arms is pretty much one of the biggest dreams of my life and all the more reason to want the end of pregnancy), BUT that I will be officially showing, cleaning out the now "office/spare room to store our junk" for baby, and deciding on the decor of the room.

I've been thinking LONG and HARD about this issue...buying stuff for a gender neutral delivery SUCKS. However, I will know the gender of the rest of our children and there will be absolutely no holding back on going blue or going all out pink at that point in time. That makes me rest easy. So I am giving myself some more time to think about what I am looking for in a nursery. It's a toughie folks and I will save that for another post.

And, my friends, this is THE bump at 15 weeks and 2 days. This IS a bump for a girl 3 and 3/4 into her pregnancy. OK?

Leave me IS bigger. Mike can vouch for me on this...I came home from work the other day and both he and Doug were like, "Whoa! There's your belly." I must say it was the shirt I was wearing b/c when I lifted it up to reveal the "bump" they said, "oh" as if they were let down. I can't keep these guys happy for nothin...I'm either too fat or not fat enough. JK! I think Mike is as anxious as I am to be finally showing...maybe this will all seem more real to him?? Not sure. But anyways...just for the sake of my sanity, I stepped on the scale Tuesday morning and saw a typical # as of lately, at the doctor 4 hours later, I was 2 pounds up from last month and from my at home reading, and at the end of the day I was 1.6 pounds up from the reading at the doctor. I literally feel out of my element at the end of the day. I can't breath b/c there's pressure ALL OVER my stomach. No food sounds good- NOTHING. And I swear I weigh 9 times what I do in the morning. It's SO weird. That's why I wanted to see what the scale said. Out of curiosity.

As I type, here's my furry baby laying at my feet:

I can't help but wonder what she is going to think of all the changes that will come in March. What will she think of the baby? Will she be mad at Mike and I? For some reason, I can see her "blaming/hating" me b/c she is a serious daddy's girl :) But we will have to wait and see. She's still waking up once a night to go outside (ugh) and making sure she barks loud enough to wake at least one of us up in a panic. Little booger. Nonetheless, Mommy loves you to the moon and back G!

Another fun highlight about reaching 5 months (I guess there isn't too much cool about 4 months- ha!) is feeling the baby kick/move. I cannot wait till I/we can feel he or she moving. Before our doctor's appointment on Tuesday (the 21st), I was nervous for some reason. I don't feel any different, so I guess I feel as if I haven't progressed. I had nightmares about not hearing the heartbeat at the appointment (terrible). But we did. The doc put the thing-a-ma-jigy up to my belly and heard it right away. "Oh, that's great" he said, "Nice and strong." We were excited. The whole 30-40 min we were there were great. He's a great doctor...knowledgable and caring. I feel like he truly wants what's best for us...Mike, the baby, and I. It was a much needed appt since I don't know much about him...let alone any doctors in this town. It just clicked.

I'm a little bummed- I had SO much to say on Tuesday, but didn't have time before work and went to bed an hour after I got home from work, so ran short on time. Next time I will write a rough draft no matter how tired I am. Lesson learned.

Until next time...enjoy the beginning of fall, as the first official day was yesterday and take is easy!

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  1. Loved reading this!!! You do look a little bigger from the last picture...not much but you definitely look to have a little speed bump going on. Are you sticking out your stomach!?! :) Love you guys & Baby B!