Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Yesterday was an awesome day. We went down to Scottsdale for a 'nuchal translucency' test. It's a non-invasive test for Down's Syndrome. We are not at risk by any means, but our insurance covered it and we thought, why not? Better to be prepared! So, we got a Level 2 ultrasound and I got a lovely finger prick. Let me tell you...the stupid needle stabbing your finger hurts worse than getting your blood drawn. Stupid, yes? Why, I have NO freaking clue! But my little index finger is still sore. Ggggrrrr.....

Level 2 ultrasound is really cool. I guess they're just more in depth than a normal ultrasound. And this place had 3D machines in every everyone got a 3D ultrasound too! We saw SO much. Two legs, two hands, two eyes, a heart (all four chambers developing- really cool to see), the brain (you could see the different sections, or lobes?), stomach, umbilical cord, nasal bone, jaw, and then placenta and my ovaries. The 3D part was really, really, really cool. BUT it freaked me out. Sorry, baby B, but you look funny in there. The black and white ultrasounds look much bigger...and the 3D shows this tiny little scrawny thing! It was awesome to see you moving though. Arms and legs going hog wild in there. Too bad I can't feel you yet. We've still got a few more weeks for that fun to begin!

I must say I feel 99.9% better. Maybe it is in part b/c I know we got passed the highest percentage of miscarriages. Maybe it's b/c I've let myself know it's the beginning of the 2nd trimester and things are going to be different. And maybe it's b/c I so desperately wanted to feel all around better. I know, I know...I didn't ever feel that bad. However, mentally I was a basket case! I am not as tired. I am more positive. I am anxious and eager to get everything ready. I am beginning to finally show (although, it's's there!). No weird 'cravings' but when I want something...I best get it, soon preferably. Poor Mike : ) For example, last night I saw an image of something that looked like a green Mike & Ike and it was downhill from there. Mike & Ike's it was for me while watching The Last Song...good movie. Sad. I absolutely HATE watching movies where the Dad dies (and moms too, of course). I refuse to ever think about that...and as far as I am concerned, nobody else in my family is going to pass away. Anyways..before I get all teary eyed again. Geesh.

I am still an emotional basket of fun. I snap at Mike w/out meaning to and when he responds (however, I must say he could react differently), I cry. Ha ha. Help us all.

Matt Lyons is coming into town to hang with us this weekend. Although, we have nothing planned. Well, the boys have a football draft tomorrow, but that has nothing to do with me. It was great b/c I got my fill of my hubby he can have "man time" the rest of the weekend. I don't have Monday off either...bummer! But we never see Matt, so it should be fun just hanging out. So, it's a low key prego holiday. Yippee! What I would give for a Z Tejas Chambord margarita with a Patron don't even know : ) Oh little baby...I can't wait until you come out! Yes, I will survive though.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day! Cheers!

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