Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12 weeks

Happy "end" to the First Trimester- Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

I never thought I'd get this far b/c time was creeping by at the pace of a slug on the pavement in the middle of summer. Ugh.

But here we are! Baby B is a PLUM
Already a biggin : ) Lol. So, it's funny. Mike and I had a weeks worth of facebook status posts to put up leading up to the 13th week. We were all excited to post them and the very first post, Danielle, called me out. Man, people are good. Not that this was a toughie or anything. But I thought people would be curious to see what the rest of the posts say. Lol. It's great. So I guess the cat's out of the bag. Although, I am not responding to anything anyone is saying until I am 13 weeks...I don't want to jinx anything! Plus, I want to finish our posts of the rest of the week. I called Mike and all he said was, "I told you." Meaning people can read me like a book- no surprises here : ) He knew people would know what I was going to say. Blah.

Hate it when he's right. But love it that more people know. Little baby B...we've got 28 more weeks together. Let's make this go by quickly. Here's the belly @ 12 weeks:


  1. Ahhh! I'm so sorry I ruined the game! :( I just got SO excited for you - and I didn't think I would actually be right! haha CONGRATULATIONS again! I am so happy for you two - you are going to be the best momma ever! I look forward to seeing the rest of your updates on FB - I like rhymes! :) Also can't wait to see how your pregnancy progresses - keep the pictures coming! :) Lots of love - Danielle

  2. In my defense, I only confirmed when others had announced!! :) Love you baby B!!! (Any your mommy is okay too.)

    And I just realized that I'm logged on as Travis - but too lazy to change it!


  3. Love you Baby B!