Monday, August 2, 2010

I DID IT!!!!

The little things in life that mean so much : )

Baby B, I had my blood drawn for the very first time ever in all my 26 years of life!!!! I was so brave. I am not being modest here at all...I am downright PROUD of myself! I didn't have an appointment (huge issue #1), so it was all up to me to drive my booty to the lab and know what was in store for me at that time. I was sick to my stomach, no vomit (I haven't done any of that thus far). I am TERRIFIED of needles (huge issue #2). I am TERRIFIED of seeing blood...especially my own(huge issue #3)! I tend to get light headed and pass out at the sight of anything real gory. I have no idea what got me into my car, turned the key, and made the drive to the lab. It was like I was in autopilot and my head was in a very different place than my body : ) But I did it for you Baby B. I knew I had to...and I did. The nurse told me I did a great job. Even she seemed proud of me.

Whew that's over....and I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW! Mommy and Daddy get to see you for the first time in my belly.

Ultrasound #1 tomorrow at 11:15 am. Off to work now, but will report in tomorrow, of course!

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