Monday, August 23, 2010

10 weeks- 6 days

Tomorrow is THE day : ) Yayyyyyy! 11 weeks tomorrow, doctor appointment to confirm all is well inside, and the news will be out. I will probably post a pic on facebook, but only after calling my grandparents (soon-to-be Great exciting!!). Still can't help that I wish my Nana was around for all of this. I know she is here...just watching from above in the form of my guardian angel. It's just hard and not the same. I am thankful I have other grandparents to share this joy with. Our family wouldn't be the same without them around. I love all 4 of them in Rolla, MO...I even have a set of Great Grandparents myself. It'd be awesome to get a picture of 4 generations once Baby B is born : ) How cool to think about. I also have a set of grandparents in Chicago. Getting married is fun because you get more family!!

On the down side (even though I know the post was a downer), I AM SICK! Ugh...not sure what I caught or where. The kids at work might have had it first, but either way I cannot take anything to feel better! Just standard tylenol. I think it's a head cold and I hope it goes away quickly. Runny nose, slight fever, sore throat, plugged ears, and aches all over...just a stuffy head overall. Blah. I can't help but think this is a bad start to the 'flu/cold' season, but hopefully being positive will nip that in the butt : )

Lets hope tomorrow is a happy post- cheers!


  1. (Again - this is Joanna) I know what you mean about Nana. It was really hard for me when I was pregnant with Henry - and even now. But we talk about her (and Trav's mom) so hopefully he'll grow up with them in his heart.

  2. Your Nana is so very happy right now! BabyB already has a very special angel watching over him or her!

    BTW, it will be 5 generations! Baby B, you, your mom, Grandma Knowles and Grandma Hadley!

  3. Oh ha ha- good call Pops! You are such a smarty pants

    I know she's a very special angel watching over us all...but if only she could be here : ) Love you Daddy!