Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Ultrasound

OH MY GOODNESS- how cool!! The ultrasound was amazing! We saw the amniotic sac first, then found baby. Such a tiny glop of stuff. We measured you from top to bottom and the computer told us you were 8 your due date still stands. March 15th it is. The placenta is forming, as is the umbilical cord. We saw both of those. But I think the coolest part was seeing your little heart beat : ) You are alive in there and it was ridiculous to see. Even daddy was stunned, saying, "wow- that is really cool." Since we were able to see the heart beating, we were able to hear it!! I got the goosebumps and tears filled my eyes. I think your heart is beating at 155 beats per minute. Which was well over the minimum and fairly fast for a lil' bean! We also got to hear mommy's heartbeat in comparison and it was louder and faster, but interesting to hear what you are hearing too.

Happy 8 weeks of life in my tummy!! Only 4 more to go until we are "in the clear." I am still praying these 4 weeks fly by! Our next appointment is August 24th. I cannot believe it's already August...where did time go? How is it almost 2 months since our wedding day?

We got a great book for mommy to read about you in the mail from Grandma Kim (we aren't sure what you are going to call your grandparents yet). And we got a lullabelly from Grandpa Keith- it will play music for you once I download some "Baby Einstein" on my Your Auntie Hannah (I call her Scooby), helped pick it out.

Also, on a fun note I changed my name on my driver's license yesterday! Now it is official, Chalfant is no longer my name. SO SO SO weird. ID changed, SSN changed, credit/debit cards changed, passport update needed, and I think that's it! We got some good pictures of these highlights last night.

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