Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Little Lime

Baby B is the size of a lime. Man, these babies grow fast. I feel like last month baby B was less than, or roughly, half an inch. So, it's not a basketball in my tummy, it's a LIME! We went to the doctor today and heard the little heartbeat. Doc says that he can't guarantee that we are "in the clear" but he said we have less than 1% chance of miscarrying with the progress we've made this far. Good news...yes. What we wanted...I think so. But I'd rather be 13 weeks already!!!! Aaahhhh!!! Why is time flying by sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo slooooowwwlllllllyyyyyyy?????

Since we didn't get to see baby today, I looked online for pictures of 'fetuses' at 11 weeks and found a couple of cool images. I guess it's more real that way. Baby B has eyes, a beating heart, bones, skin, a few 'functioning' organs, and a whole bunch of other stuff. He or she no longer has a tail or webbed feet and hands. The body is slightly more straight and more baby looking. I still can't believe I have something, a being, growing inside my gut. A growing gut at that.

Belly @ 11 weeks:

Goodnight to all- besos!

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