Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

Little Baby, you really are in my belly! The doctor confirmed that this morning. On my way to the appointment, I was terrified. What if if I am not pregnant, it was just a fluke thing? What if it's a tubal pregnancy? What if something is wrong? Did I do it?

I went in- updated my insurance form and told them about my name change. Then, peed in a cup. It was nothing glorious and it was strange that I peed into a Dixie cup?!?!? I sat in the waiting room for quite some time. Several other pregnant women walked in...most with other children. So clearly not their first child on the way. Most looked really cute and happy and had that "I'm going to be a mom" glow. My nerves started kicking in as people who came in after me were getting called back before me. Was something wrong? Did they have bad news? Then they called me. Stepped on the scale to see a glorious 128 #s and went into room #3. The first thing the nurse said was Congratulations! Whew- we made it, you are real, and I am not crazy.

Now I know it's early. We are only 7 weeks along, BUT I can't help but be excited and have a feeling that I am not going to lose you. I don't know a mom who says they're going to lose a pregnancy, but just for the record I feel great. I still have cramping and I have to go get my blood drawn for the first time ever tomorrow. Please pray for me : )

Dear Baby B,

Your ETA is March 15th, 2011. That is also Grandma Pat's birthday. Will you please give Daddy and I a heads up that you're ready to come out when you do? Daddy may not be in town and I really need/want him there for your arrival.

Love you,

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