Saturday, July 23, 2011

Y.O.U.R.E 4

{your new HUGE purple flower bow}
{on your side w/a blankie is how you'd always prefer to sleep}
{cheese- I took better photos on the camera that won't upload to my computer}
{what is this funny business?}
{love you in your "jhonny jumper"}
{not so sure}
{post a little puke...clean up crew at her finest- gross!}
{getting wayyyy too big...look at her feet on the edge!}
{"when your whole world can fit inside your arms, do you really need to pay attention to the alarm? In my case, NO!}
{love her tongue...kisses for Daddy always}
{momma and baby}
{yup, I swear she's mine!}

Thank goodness that's not four years.  Man.  I swear I blink and another day has gone by.  While those days seem to creep by when Daddy isn't home (nothing against those that are, but being a single mom is so not what I am cut out for...I give you props).  Baby Girl, I love my time with you...treasure it, to the max.  But I sure miss when Daddy is around.  I think this also has to do with the fact that I have no friends and truly long for adult interaction.  Addie, we are going to meet friends...lots of them, I promise.

At four months you are growing by leaps and bounds.  Again, please slow down.

You are in a size two diaper.  You proved to the doctor that you really are perfect!  Weighing in at 13 pounds 6 ounces and 23 3/4 inches.  You are 3 pounds and 3 inches behind your friend Ophelia in Phoenix! However, you are in roughly the 50th percentile in both.  You still have little peach fuzz hair..and I love it fresh out of the bath.  We always try to make it stand up.  Your eyes are still a beautiful BLUE...yes, Mommy got her blue eyed girl, I believe.  I just hope your hair is, at some point in your life, dark like mine.  Otherwise, people will question me carrying you for 41 weeks :)

You still have a very happy, pleasant, content demeanor.  You fuss when you are stuck on your tummy- because you rolled over two days after your four month checkup (7.21.11).  And it was no fluke b/c you rolled over again on July 22nd.  Of course, both happened while Mommy was at work.  (Pssst...a little secret for you, Addison, Mommy isn't too sure how long this whole job thing is going to last)  Ha ha ha.  You also fuss when you are hungry, over stimulated, or need a diaper change.  You love, love, love being talked to, sang to, or played with.  I do believe this is called the only child syndrome!  You are most certainly the center of our world.

You got the thumbs up for cereal and aren't too sure about it.  It's much too thick (even if Mommy makes it a step ahead of soup) and it must taste worse than your puke b/c you gag nonstop.  Poor baby girl.  We might need to spice it up with some apple juice for ya.

Sadly, Mommy has moved to some half formula, half breast milk bottles.  *tear*  Yes, lots of those have fallen and still do.  I miss the days of being the sole provider for you.  Your little mouth moving towards me like a little pirana and the way your hands always found a resting spot on me.  Although that's not true b/c Daddy was a provider too, just in a different way.  You have received a few solo formula bottles.  I hate doing that, but you seem to be adjusting just fine.  Your poo is much more green...and you seem to be regular still- thank heavens!  You have moved on up to 5 oz servings at each feeding.  We do rice cereal at dinner time every day.  Your first bowl of cereal was on Daddy's birthday- 7.18.11.

You are too big for your cradle, but Mommy refuses to sleep alone.  So, we border the top with a blanket and you seem to be just fine.  I guess when Daddy returns on Tuesday, we will adventure into your own room. Ah!  This doesn't seem quite right.

You are getting chunkier by the day...I love it.  You are growing and, I think, you are looking more like me.  Your little wrists and thighs have rolls!  Yessss!

You are an absolute delight.  You don't seem to have separation anxiety.  You can sit across the table from Mommy with someone else holding you without a fuss.  Addie, I trust your judgement in who is comfortable for you.  Some ladies you seem to just be content with, others not so much...and men, well we are working on them since Daddy is the only one that ever really holds you :)  Auntie Kim, Ryane, and Rachel watched you two Fridays ago and they bragged about you the whole time.

You talk A LOT.  You love your voice and so do Daddy and I.  Coo, coo, coo, coo, all you do at certain times of the day.  Usually once in the afternoon and once in the morning.  It's wonderful, brings tears to my eyes, and makes me so happy.

We thank God for you every day and hope you know feel/know our love is present in your life.  You are our #1 (sorry Gracie Goo).  And I know you were so meant to be here with us.  We love you Addison Irene.

(*side note: the other day you made this seemed to be fussing when you really didn't have a reason too.  So I started talking to you like I do and this face showed up out, "ha ha ha mommy, I've got you tied around my little finger" and it was so your Nana when she didn't have her dentures in <3 Thank God for those memories, Addie, I wish you got to meet her.  No rush now that she's in heaven, but all too often she's my reminder that life is just not fair.)

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