Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pool Time

Today was Addison's first day in the pool.  Swimsuit and all.  We bought her a floatie that's made for older babies, but we didn't care.  She's the first of a few and surly one of our other children will use it too :)  No sunscreen b/c she cannot wear any.

Mommy and Daddy needed to work on our tan...or burn in someone's case.  Not mine, just sayin.  So, Addie went to the pool.  Here are some pics.  It was probably a little cold to her.  But her little legs were just kicking away.  I love that she loves water.
{swimmin' w/daddy}
{such a tiny little thing}
{there she goes...geting too darn big}
{representing Auntie Caitlin's graduate school <3}
{side sleeper and a binky baby}


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  1. Oh I love these pics!!!!! She looks so cute in the pool!