Friday, July 15, 2011

New With Addie

Man, oh man, how time is flying.  Addison turned 17 weeks yesterday.  She will be FOUR MONTHS Sunday.  Ah!  And sadly, she has shots Monday afternoon, which also happens to be Daddy's birthday :)

Here are some real recent pics of our lil Miss...nicer, loner, more in depth posts to come of the past few weeks and Papa's visit.
{first train, 'Metra,' ride into the city}
{first Taste of Chicago...such a good baby on a terribly hot day}
{first experience with "Sophie" the giraffe}
{loves it}
{asleep...kickin back, relaxin}
{the last pic of the 'Swaddle Me,' it is no more}
{watchin t.v. w/Dad...prob baseball. I'm obviously in the way}
{our side sleeper...she's not about to fall off, although this pic seems to show otherwise}


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  1. That's hysterical. She does look like she's about to roll off!!!!