Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Wedding Day

Not sure how or where to begin this post. I am speachless...utterly. And that doesn't happen often. Thousands of things running through my mind. It flew by- super fast, too fast. Did I spend time with everyone? Was everyone happy and having fun? What are the bad things that people are saying about our day? Did I mess up? Were there obvious things that went wrong? Did I hurt anyone's feelings?

Once I put all of that aside, I set myself straight- back to reality. I cannot change anything that happened and I don't think I will ever say I want to. Our day was PERFECT. It was us. Our families and closest friends celebrated our love for seven and a half hours. I am not going to lie or pretend- I AM SAD IT'S OVER : )

The one thing that bothers me the most looking back on the event was we didn't give a 'Thank You' speech. Not pointing blame or calling him out, but I told Mike this was extremely important to me and he told me he had it covered. As most of us saw, he got stage fright and I had to step in. At that point, I was livid at him b/c I had NOTHING prepared...b/c he told me he had it taken care of. I rushed through the names and faces of people I saw...probably leaving important people out. I was a mess...from being an hour late to our rehearsal b/c of traffic, then the storm that hit, to traffic to dinner, and thinking I was going to be late again...I was completely 100% unprepared to have Mike throw that on me. Oh well. I told myself I'd make up for it on Saturday and we totally forgot. I had a list of things to say and it sat on the table all night : /

After hours of frustration at the both of us and tears shed b/c I felt I came off as ungrateful, I thought I could use my blog.

I know the wedding was 'destination' for most people. I know it was pricey with flights, hotel rooms, food, and transportation. But I am forever grateful for every single person that attended my special day. I don't even know the exact number in attendance...somewhere around 120. Each and every one of you created our day...your presence was a gift to us in itself. We are beyond extremely lucky.

So, to those 120 folks at The Sears Tower on 6/19/10:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for attending our wedding. I wish I had more time and more fun on the dance floor, but all good events come to an end. It meant more than you will ever know to have your face present. I hope each of you had fun, enjoyed a couple cocktails or wine, and had a full belly. I hope you saw the sunset and caught up/met with other people there. I hope you got the chance to look out the window and see the beautiful city of Chicago. I hope you got to spend at least a couple minutes with me and maybe got a picture too. If you didn't, I am sorry. Terribly sorry. Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it people were leaving and we did our paper airplane exit. I also hope to see all of you within the next year!


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  1. I think I missed this when you first posted it. Too sweet. It was an incredibly BEAUTIFUL day!!!!