Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 weeks or 6 weeks?

Lil baby growing in my belly...why are you so confusing??

Doctors go by the first day of your last period in order to calculate how far along you are. I know that date. I also know that's not when baby B was conceived. Then I read that it goes off that date because, in most women, ovulation occurs two weeks after. They say you get a "two week head start." It frustrates me because that means that I am not 6 weeks prego. I am only 4 weeks prego. I did ovulate two weeks after the first day of my last period and that just so happens to be the week of our honeymoon.

Anyways...I still feel weird. And EXHAUSTED. I go to bed around 9 pm and the alarm goes off at 7 am. Usually, I am easy to get out of bed. Not hitting snooze once. But lately, I just want to lay there. Hit snooze. Maybe fall back asleep. Or just lay...comfy in my covers. I go workout around 8 or 9 am, come home, shower, and when I pass my bed on the way into the bathroom, it takes all I have to not climb back in! I feel lazy, but know that I have something to blame. Something really small growing in my belly...but it's a big thing to my body.

Boobs hurt. Cramps still come and go...I might have pinpointed it on sugar!! Imagine that. My body/baby not liking the intake of sugar. We will see. It's not a substance I typically put in my body, so I know this is something I can get used to. I'm overly emotional, which is hilarious b/c I am an emotional person anyways...imagine normal me...times 15. Ha ha ha. It's great. These hormones are crazy drugs! I feel huge- and everything I read keeps reminding me that it's not baby...not yet. It's just bloated. ie. FAT. Ugh. It's miserable. But I know it's for a good reason. And who cares what those on the street think of me!

First doctors appointment is Tuesday, July 27th. Hopefully that gives us confirmation and good news- if there is such a thing at this point!

Goodnight : )

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