Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Tis the Season

Two weekends ago, Mike and I were down in Phoenix for his Aunt's surprise 50th birthday party. This was the weekend after we took our home pregnancy tests. I figured I'd have better luck finding the book "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" in Phoenix. I checked two Targets and a grocery store, but had no luck. I asked an employee if he had some in the back and he said they can't seem to keep them in stock and I quote, "It must be that time of the year!" I couldn't help but replay that line over and over in my head. Every time I do, I start to wonder why? Maybe because lots of people get married in the spring/early summer and are now expecting...like we are. Are there really that many people in our shoes? Seems strange. But fun. I hope I meet more women who are pregnant.

We spent this past weekend in California. I was DD every night and enjoyed almost every minute of it. My favorite part was waking up feeling like a million bucks while everyone else struggled (sorry Mike and Lauren!). We spent close to or more than 30 hours in 3 days at The Home Depot Center in Carsen, CA for the Crossfit Games. It was INTENSE, fun, nerve racking, and an all around great time. I loved it.

Mike celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday. He is not a real big birthday guy, so we did exactly what he wanted. Kept it low key and went to dinner. I think I love his birthday more than he does...it's a day to be over the top about him. I wonder if he will become a birthday guy once we have baby B. Will Mike then see the importance of a celebration on this day every year? I hope so. I am thinking he will have to change into a birthday guy b/c what kid doesn't want a b-day party?? And I am so not planning/putting a party together solo- sorry buddy!

And yesterday was our one month anniversary of being married. Four whole weeks have flown by...it seems so strange. Honestly, July 19th was unfathomable for me. Where did June go? I want to go back. I want to relive that day, every weekend until it gets old. Ha ha- I doubt it gets old.

Now we sit and wait. Sometime this week, baby B is 4 weeks old. He/She has begun the attachment to my uterus lining and is about 1/5 of the size of this period . Weird. How does that grow into a baby?? Just for the record, Mike keeps saying I have twins growing....and I repeatedly tell him, he does not want my first pregnancy to be twins. Please! We will get what we get and be extremely happy. BUT I am nervous, scared, and flat out terrified at times of ONE...and I don't want to think about TWO. Since we will NOT be finding out the sex of our child, the good news is if it's twins, I get to find out : ) I will most definitely need to better prepare for two and must know what their sex is if this shall come our way! I read you can hear the heartbeat in as few as five weeks, so maybe we get lucky and get to hear what it next week!


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  1. Did you ever get this book? It's one that I have sitting here ready to send to you. Just haven't found the rest yet. Actually, I am looking for one in particular and it's hilarious!