Thursday, January 26, 2012

First 'Lover'

So, I posted a while back about Addison's first "boo boo" report.  (If not, read it here.)  As we all know, she hasn't been mobile for long.  The three boys in her room, who were all moving well before she was, took advantage of that.

The one who tackled her in her first 'incident' of many will be a linebacker in the NFL- no doubt.  Although, today I heard that his Dad is a "bad boy."  I about died laughing.  The "bad boy's" son is beating up on my "petite princess."

On my lunch break today, I hung out in her room.  I really do enjoy the baby room.  They're all just so 'new' still.  Addie Lou included.  She's a clean slate...just absorbing everything that goes on around her.  Smiling and laughing at everything.  Life's easy being this age.  They don't have a language barrier b/c up until this point (9 months or so) the words you are saying don't register as communication.  They have specific cries.  Then they learn to sign and from there, it's words.

She was throwing a fit when I walked in b/c of a diaper change- a constant battle these days.  Well, if she's not distracted.  At school, there's few ways to be distracted since there are no toys or binkies on the changing table for sanitary reasons.  She had big ol' alligator tears falling from her eyes.  On top of the whole diaper changing issue, she hadn't slept a wink all day.  Oh lovely!  She threw a big fit for me when I tried to put her tights back on- arching her back, screaming.  She was a piece of work.  And in all honesty, she was burning up and exhausted.

After her fit, she decided to have fun and play.  Meanwhile, this "bad boy's" son is walking all over the room.  Crashing into everything- making a complete mess of the room.  He's a little tornado (and recently a big brother too- whoa!).  As he toddles around, he's FLIRTING with my daughter!  I kid you not, his eyes are set on her.  He smirks and giggles and laughs at her.  OMG I needed this on camera.  Addison crawls to their exersaucer, therefore, I'm lead to believe she wants in.  Once she's jumping like the crazy monkey she always is in these contraptions, little bruiser will not leave her alone.  He brings every ball he touches to her and tries to play with her.  He grabbed onto the edge of the exersaucer and jumps right along with her- no lie.  I have witnesses.  This little man will not leave Addie alone.  Too funny!

I guess it IS true...when a boy is mean to you/hurts you, he likes you.  Addison you are a mere ten months old and you have already experienced this.  Ugh!  So not ready for you to 'date' or have a broken heart.  Luckily, I think we have a little time for that ;o)

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