Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 Months- Oh My

{Happy 10 Month Old Addison}
{I feel as if she's 'showing off' she's 10 months}
{Our proud baby girl}
Addison, I promise to keep updating this blog documenting your life.  It just may not always be on time!  I want to blog more frequently, so the task isn't overwhelming when I sit down to tell everyone the happenings in your life.

At ten months you are no longer an army crawler.  You've discovered that it is much more effective to crawl on all fours.  You are quick!  We have covered all outlets.  You don't seem too interested in wires, the cable box and PS3 set up, and moving places where there are no toys.  Although, I am sure those days are coming!  Just yesterday you got a thrill out of climbing up me and Auntie Kim.  We believe you will be pulling up onto things in no time.  You just need to figure out how to maneuver yourself.

You are still a great eater.  We are moving you to more chunky food.  You're not too fond of solids.  I say that, but you will gladly feed yourself cooked peas and carrots, puffs, and Cheetos!  You LOVE french fries just like your Mommy :)  Sitting at the table at a restaurant seems to be fun for you- I think you feel big and apart of everything.  As soon as food is served, some of it better be coming your way!  You do not like being left out.

You HATE diaper changes.  Well, at least when Mommy and Daddy do it.  You scream, arch your back, and relentlessly try to roll over.  It breaks my heart b/c we aren't trying to torture you...just trying to clean your butt.  And sadly, it's too early to potty train you!  You are still in a size 3 diaper.  There's a friend in your class at school that wears a size 5...and she's younger than you.  Holy cow!

You still babble all the time...saying DaDaDa.  I swear you are trying to say 'dog.'  Speaking of you absolutely LOVE Gracie.  It is SO sweet.  You always try to move towards her, share her treats/toys, and play with her collar.  Gracie does pretty well with you.  Once this past month, she pounced you and your head hit the floor pretty hard.  Both Daddy and I were there and Gracie felt terrible after her actions.  It was scary though.  Gracie was just jealous.  G is too skittish to leave you alone with her...I fear she doesn't quite know how to act around you yet and would freak out for no reason at all.  I just don't want the baby girl to get hurt.

On the 17th, your actual 10 month birthday, Daddy had you in your highchair feeding you breakfast.  I was getting ready for work.  Once semi ready, I came into the kitchen to get coffee and my breakfast.  When I turned the corner, I was talking to you and you said "Ma Ma."  I am not the only one that heard it.  However, you've only said it three times since then!  My heart melted any way.  Happiest day for me!

You have had two double ear infections....blah!  For the most part we don't even know you are sick.  You just tend to be a little more irritable, runny nose (maybe teeth?), sleepy (growing?), and snugly.  As you can see all those "symptoms" could mean anything.  You just seem to be such a good sport about everything.

Your smile and laugh are priceless.  I still like your sad crying face- it's so darn cute.  I miss those newborn days terribly, but I absolutely love watching you grow up into a little girl.  You are going to be someone great someday.  You are going to do amazing things.  Your demeanor has always been fabulous- now lets see what you are like when you are two ; )
{She has always loved the crinkle this sticker made her very happy}
{Nothin like a pretty baby in her onesie!!}
{Mommy- what is this???}
{so curious}

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  1. Goodbye army crawler, hello speedy!!! How fun!!! Can't wait for more pics, and video and to see her (and you guys) soon!!!