Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

What an amazing year 2011 was...I feel like a lot of people are saying that.  As I read the faebook feed on my phone last night, 2011 seemed like a year to remember- for all sorts of reasons.  A year of change, no doubt.  I reminisced about the college days of planning a night out on the town.  Getting all dolled up, rounding up friends and significant others for festivities, a midnight kiss, and a cab ride home at 2 am.  (A lot of memories with Maggie Barta- girl we need to meet up soon!)  This year was a wee bit different to say the least.  And it was wonderful.

Michael was flying the friendly skies...of Canada.  This means no cell phone service.  Arg!  However, we are technologically blessed with an iPad and iPhone that create the ability to, not only talk, but to see each other physically.  Usually that's our "go to" plan.  We haven't ever been faced with a "what happens if the iPad doesn't work" gig until last night.  Of course it was New Years Eve!  Right?  I was that girl glued to her phone all night just in case he found the internet and could get ahold of me.

Addison and I spent our evening/night at the Two Bulls' residence.  It was great to be with family- thank heavens for them!!  Midnight brought tears to my eyes...being alone, not getting my NYE kiss to kick off 2012 was heart wrenching.  It happened last year also, but I got a phone call at midnight and a kiss via my ear.  This year...I didn't even hear his voice.  In fact, I didn't talk to him until 10:20 am today.  I am not ashamed to admit that I called him several times...just to make sure his phone wouldn't magically work ; )

It was tough, but it's over.  My hubby comes home tomorrow and thankfully I am off work.  We get to spend the afternoon and evening together...just our little family of 3 plus G.  Focusing on the positive.

I read another girl's blog today about the New Year.  Her resolution last year was to "just survive" as she was soon to be a mom of two under two.  Her year was tough.  She is a very good person, her faith is she goes on to talk about wanting to be a better person- give more than she gets, make more time to pray, serve the Lord more, teach/guide her girls to be good little people.  At the end of her post, she wrapped it up by saying, "This year my goal again is to just survive.  But I am feeling a little more in control these, my goal is to treasure every moment.  We never know when it might be our last day.  We never know what tomorrow may bring.  I want to just survive this year and live the best life day by day that I can."

Amen sister!  I also want to survive this year and live the best life possible each and every day.  I can't imagine leaving this world and having Addison stay here (morbid thought, I know).  However, it breaks my heart more to think about Michael being on this Earth alone.  (This opens a whole new can of thoughts...ones that I don't want to blog about in this post!)

I also want to rid my life of bad carbs, get back into CrossFit, regain confidence in myself and enjoy the positive endorphins that so help me each day.  I hope to be a better mother.  I too hope to create a great person in my daughter.  I hope to be a better wife.  I hope to spend quality time with my family (my own and our extended family).  I hope to be more organized.  I hope to create a gym and change the lives of those around us :)  Looks like 2012 will be a fabulous year!

*I do have pictures, but my computer needs to be backed up first!

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  1. I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for you and what you have in store for it!!! Happy 2012 Heather!!!

    p.s. You're already and awesome mommy. Not sure you can imp roe there. :)