Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nashville Date Night

I am terrible at giving gifts.  Michael has been fairly good at it.  I believe it has to do with how tough the other person is to buy for.  I can buy Addison gifts all day.  Anyways...I've been having a personal battle with leaving Addison for the first time over night.  It happened when I was sick and while that was completely unplanned, it went very well.  I was still extremely upset though.  

I have just felt that there hasn't been a big enough event to leave her behind overnight.  When my parents come to town- they too want to spend time with her.  My weekends are precious since the weeks have me preoccupied with work and now working out/training others.  It's just crazy.  So I frequently ask myself, "Why leave her for that long?"

Valentine's Day comes and goes.  Anyone who knows my husband knows that he believe this is a "Hallmark Holiday."  Saying, "Why would I profess my love for you on this one day anymore than the next?"  I agree.  However, it's always fun to do something extraordinary.

And by that I mean...send some flowers, which I'm never a recipient of b/c I dislike their short life span.   Write a sweet meaningful card, make a favorite meal...but nothing out of this world, right?

I didn't do anything big for MJB since he doesn't 'like' the holiday.  I bought him a funny card and some drinks out on a date night.  Honestly, we have put a lot into our garage gym and we decided that it was OK to not buy gifts for awhile.  The.End.

Mr. "This is Hallmark's Holiday" surprises me with a random trip.  Just one night.  Leaving Addison with Kim.  Pack accordingly.  I said, "For what?"  And he eventually told me an opera house/show/performing arts center type of gig.  Arranged everything for me.  Even requested an afternoon off work!  Crazy man!

We ended up in Nashville, TN Friday late afternoon.  

[Wild Horse}
{Dinner @ BB Kings}
{asking for directions at Tootsies- such a fun place!}
{our friend, Elvis}
{family photo waiting for Journey}

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  1. that "family photo" is adorable.. little miss ads will get to go to a concert one day! Glad you had a fun night out, what a good husband you have :)