Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Happenings

My actual birthday was spent at work.  Bummer, I know, but I will be at work on my birthday until it falls on a Saturday again.  Only a few more years!

The kids were super excited!  I couldn't make it two steps into my room without being showered with hugs and construction paper creations.  I smiled from ear to ear.  They're all a piece of work from time to time, but it was memorable no doubt.  (Just a side note for my personal memory- a student in my class does not celebrate birthdays for religious reasons.  Of course, that was the mom that was standing a foot away from me when I walked in through the door.  Arg!)  A huge sign hung from my dry erase board.  My wonderful co-teacher brought a gift and there were signs on a couples places around the school.  It was a good day.  OH- I got off almost an hour early!  Great way to end a day.

Kim made me chili and we had some wine.  Their neighbor, Kimber, had her birthday Sunday the 13th, so we celebrated with her.  It was a great time.  Sadly, Mike was working.  He traded his standard weekend shift in, so he could have the weekend off to spend it with me, my Dad, and Jenny.  The sacrifices one has to make!  It's OK b/c this time last year I was without him...and I will most likely be without him again next year.

My birthday was on a Wednesday and my Dad and Jenny came on Thursday, November 17th.  It was nice b/c I felt like the celebration only continued.  Once they got in, we hung out at the house for awhile and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Friday I worked a half day...I had requested the day off before they planned a 'Thanksgiving Luncheon' for the whole school (students and their families).  I was granted my request, but they were obviously stressed out about the whole deal and I offered to give them a hand.  Maybe I'm a little too nice?

Mike was late (typical when married to a pilot), but met us out at Portillo's for lunch.  Then we headed out to Gander Mountain for some spoiling!  It was wonderful getting our winter weather gear with my Dad and Jenny.  We scored some really sweet, much needed items!  I'm now ready for a snowstorm...can't wait to wear my boots :)  I figure if it's going to be 34 degrees right now, it best be snowing.  This cold is MISERABLE.  Ugh.

Friday we ended up getting Lou's pizza carryout and drinking wine at our house.  Jenny got me some killer wine glasses.  They're HUGE and beautiful and wonderful.  Great gift idea.  And Mike got me an awesome winter coat..it finishes my winter ensemble!

Saturday's update will come later!

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