Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow

Sadly, I did not get a picture of Addison and her first glimpse of snow.  But it did indeed happen today at school.  There were snow flurries falling from the sky.  Then, the sun would come out.  Moments later, more snow.  It was crazy!  Mike has his own spin on the craziness.  Apparently, he was trying to get out of Chicago at that very moment.  Once the snow fell they had to deice the plane.  Back to the gate or wherever to take care of that.  The sun came out, they knew they didn't really need the deice, but it's procedure.  Get back on the jetway and it snows again, so they had to be taken back a second time.  Neither issue was a huge deal b/c it really wasn't snowing that hard.  However, I'm sure the passengers, as well as my hubby, weren't particularly happy about the scenario.  Mild case of the flurries, but poor guy.  He's really going to hate the winter.  If only every canceled flight meant he could come home- then we'd be in luck!

I told Addison's teachers that she loves being/looking outside, so they made sure to tell me they showed her the snow.  I wonder what she thought.  Probably just rain, if much of anything about what was falling from the sky.  How cool for her girl, it's way too early for snow to Mommy!

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