Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Almost Twenty-Eight

T'was the night before my 28th,
I hung out with my girl.
Sat down to realize
This past year was a whirl.

It starts in November twenty ten,
A pregnant, pleasant birthday
Spent with the nanny fam.

Our then family of two
packed up our AZ home.
Life was a zoo,
As you might know.

Lonely, no doubt.
Long distance for the last time,
I tried not to pout.

On St. Patty's twenty eleven,
I became a Mommy
With a gift sent from Heaven.

Addie turned our world upside down.
Where's her little crown?
She hides it in each smile,
for those we'd walk miles.

She holds my heart in her giggle,
Oh to watch those toes wiggle!

Coach K got his 903rd win,
Mike is on the road again.

We get to celebrate
Slightly late <3.
Here's to 28-
Another great.

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