Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lou's First Halloween

Happy 1st Halloween Addison!

{bad lighting, but I love her facial expression}
Another first to write down in the books.  So crazy to think that this time of year is here and will be gone tomorrow.  Our pumpkins I couldn't wait to go pick out, carve, and light are to be put into the trash.  Crazy.  Time is hustling...I'm not so sure I'm all about it!
{those baby blues get Mommy every.single.time.}
{Miss Serious}
However, I must admit, I love watching this little one grow.  She is SO amazing!  Addison is very curious and watches your every move.  She grabs anything and everything in sight...especially if it's yours.  She absolutely loves holding/having out cellphones.  What is it with kids?  She wants it as soon as she sees it...it doesn't have to be on, making noise, or doing anything at all.  It's like she knows it's important.  Her first top tooth is shining white...and the three other top teeth have decided to come at once I believe. Poor Lou!  She hasn't been to happy with them- they hurt!  In fact, Halloween night she wanted nothing to do with getting dressed or smiling.  I'm lucky I got what I did.  
{with her pumpkin}
{she wouldn't look at me, of course, but I love how she's holding onto her first pumpkin}
As I was sitting outside taking these pictures, a family walked up with a little girl who will be two the second week of December.  Her name was Ellison.  She is going to be a big sister soon- due the week after her birthday.  It was so surreal watching this little girl walk and talk- all the while thinking Addie will be there in no time.  I cannot believe this is the little bundle we brought home from the hospital merely 7 months ago.  I swear time flew before, but now...I pause for a minute and she's entered a new 'phase' or surpassed a new milestone.
{SO happy}
I want to bottle her up.  I want to freeze a frame in time of her with her Daddy.  This girl works him like no other.  She has him wrapped around her little finger.  Addison acts differently around Daddy, it's funny at this point in time.  I know that might change come the teenage years, but for now it's cute.  
{her 'I'm going to bite you face'}
{oh hey Mom, I'm cute}
{cutest 50s girl EVER}
{the bite face, again}
Grandma Pat made her Halloween costume.  We loved it!  It was perfect.  She was ADORABLE as you can see.  Thank you Grandma Pat!  We had intentions on being a trio, but when I was left to making the costumes solo...working full time...and lacking creative costume making capabilities, that didn't happen.  Bummed.  But we will get to that next year.  When she can walk...and attempt trick-or-treating!

Although Auntie Kim did give Addie her first lick of a sucker...of course, she liked it at first and hated it after the third lick.  Good thing we brush those teeth!



  1. How precious! She is getting so big and so mature looking!!!!!! Can't wait to see her next week!!!!!!


  2. Cute costume Addison! What a doll baby you have Heather! :)