Thursday, December 1, 2011

Saturday Birthday Celebration

Saturday morning Dad made us my most favorite breakfast...biscuits and gravy!!  YUMMY!  We hung around the house and spent time with Addison.  I ran a few errands solo- which is always nice to get out without the lil one.

We had Kim watch Addison while we went into the city for an evening.  We had dinner reservations fairly late at Gene and Georgetti's.  It was the Festival of Lights down in the city...I thought, "Cool, we can walk down Michigan Ave looking at all the pretty lights and head over to the Hancock building for a few pre-dinner cocktails."  This was before I realized that everyone in Chicago would be attending.  We ended up taking the L.  We got off on the West side of Michigan Ave...there were people everywhere.  We walked up to Michigan Ave and quickly realized there were thousands of people packed like sardines.  We tried to walk the sidewalk for about 5 minutes...then gave up.  We ran the opposite direction.  I had no clue there was a  I'm a Chicago beginner.  I told my Dad and Jenny that one day, when my children are all in grade school, I will know what is going on around me.  (Reality is that I may never have it all together!)  Thank goodness we did not have Addison!

We joined the Smith and Wollensky's Happy Hour crowd as the parade was going on a mere block away.  We saw it on tv actually :)  Once it looked as if the crowd was clearing we headed across Michigan Ave and made the hike up to 95th floor of the John Hancock building.  A little restaurant that has hands down THE BEST view of the city!  Ah!  I was in heaven!  The Signature room wasn't too busy.  We arrived just as a table right up on the glass was leaving and we hustled in.  SO COOL.

Then we jumped in a cab and went to dinner.  The place was small.  Full of older people.  Had an aura of Italian mafia!  The food was fabulous!  Another wonderful experience with my Dad and Jenny on our birthday celebration :)  I didn't see the 'petite' filet on the menu...neither did Jenny, so we had some good meat left over!  They also failed to mention that the meals already came with the future we don't need to order anything but the veggies.  Lesson learned.  We had SO much food left over- I felt terrible!  But it was oh so good.

(pics to come)

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