Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Amazing Day

Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Woke up- had my coffee and zone bar, went to work out (great release), came home- got ready for work and left the house. Gracie was unbelievably sweet, which is sometimes a rarity. The twin boys at work were in THE best mood...all day- smiling, laughing at everything, and playing by themselves, crawling. They don't have to do to much to put a smile on my face and melt my heart, but some days are fussier than others. The girls at work were good too...not "the best" day since one didn't nap, but definitely one of the better days we have had.

Checked my email on the way home from work (in the car, I know it's bad). Saw an email from 'Joanna' in the inbox and tears filled my eyes. She got the most wonderful news today from her husband's doctor. And since I've read that email, I can't stop thinking about them. It kind of puts your life into perspective when someone else finds out they, in fact, do NOT have a life threatening disease. Not only that, but imagining being the only parent to your children and having to face the questions they will one day ask is sickening. Ugh. Thankfully, she no longer has to think about those terrible things. The news was positive and Joanna and her family can rest at ease.

Guess it just put my life into check once again...I am very blessed and thankful for what I have been given. The wedding planning makes me 'put my life into check' as well. Not everyone finds the right person to spend the rest of their life with. It's SO weird that Mike and I found each other. Our lives have forever changed since our spring break cruise. So random and so amazing. to do more planning I go.


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  1. You're the best friend...EVER! :) You know the funny part? After we found out we kind of didn't know what to do. We had the sitter all day long - so we went to the Plaza. The Cheesecake Factory didn't open until 11:00 so we walked over to Barnes & Noble to waste some time. Of course we head straight to the children's section and on our way we passed the "Pregnancy" selection. I said, "Oh, I can't wait until I'm here clearing out these shelves to send to Heather!" :) So, on the best day of my life - I was thinking of you...and your future. We are so happy for you and Mike and can't wait to be standing there on the BEST day of your lives (well, until those babies arrive!). We love you - thanks for being so supportive of us and being one of the few in our lives to really "get it".