Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh Sweet Feburary

Shortly after Valentine's Day, which is this Sunday, will be FOUR months!! I'm pretty much already there. I'm actually ready for February to be over. Solely because March starts the showers, spring training games, warmer weather, and more sunshine (tanning and poolside in Phoenix!). I am SO over winter, the snow that falls from the sky but doesn't stick, and the cold. I bought new leggings at V.S. in white and bright pink- and I CANNOT wait to wear them along with the new tank tops I got. Just exciting thinking of being tan- it does so much for mental health : )

Invitations will be sent out behind schedule (go figure) even though they are ready to go. I need 'parts' that are still being processed online- ugh! The waiting game is the most lame!

We are getting screwed by the airlines and their ridiculously high priced tickets!! I am pretty much only talking about our honeymoon flights. Since we are flying out of Chicago O'Hare and will fly back to Phoenix (or Prescott depending), we have to purchase one way flights. They weren't that bad when we looked into doing it this way back when we booked our honeymoon. But now it's like they know we have to have these flights...and are laughing at how much we have to pay for them- evil people. Mike and I decided we might walk from Cancun or take a boat.

Speaking of the honeymoon, I am still stressing about leaving Gracie for 2 weeks! She is going to think we just up and left her. Plus, we have to put her in a 'doggie resort' in town b/c everyone we know is going to the wedding. Blah. She has never been in a place like that...she's always had friends or family taking care of her. We might have to give the doggie resort a trial run one weekend. If it is only to clear my head and let me sleep at night, then so be it : ) She's our wouldn't leave your kids with a complete stranger!?!?!?

My next BIG thing to tackle will be the centerpieces. Not sure what I want to do yet, but have several cool ideas. I just have to start creating the images in my head, so I can see what I like when it's concrete!

Other than the nightmares that the wedding is this weekend and the constant checklist running through my head, life is the same. The weekends on our "next 5 months" calendar are beginning to look full. We workout and try to stick to our healthy eating habbits...and work, work, work! We have a trip out to Chicago at the end of March to tie up loose ends and see the family. Should be a fun trip...I can't believe that's next month. Ah!

Thanks for reading....CHEERS!

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  1. SOO, I am home from work for a few weeks (well, months) and would love to help out. Let me know if I can make any calls or look up things on the internet!!