Sunday, January 10, 2010

Staying on Top of Things

...Or trying...

I feel like I am not doing all that great of a job at making sure everyone knows what's going on for our wedding. So, I hope to get better at that this week. I'd like to fill out all the info on our knot website. I guess most of it is out of my hands...and it's not all that hard for people to figure out : ) I'm just stressing about the issue a little.

Bridal showers are being planned and they are more difficult than I thought they would be! But we are smart ladies and are figuring it out. I hope those far away can attend a shower or the bachelorette party...I know it's hard b/c of money being short, poor economy, taking off work, paying for flights, and maybe a hotel. I couldn't partake in Maggie's events b/c I couldn't afford it either. It's just the way things are sometimes! I never thought I'd miss a best friend's bridal shower and most certainly never thought I'd miss a bachelorette party. stinks!

Well, I'm exhausted...we were up till 4 am chatting with Nichole last night. That's REAL late for this old lady!!


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